Know Your Foe: Big Game Q&A with California Golden Blogs

CGB predicts a better game from Keenan Allen and the Bears receivers than they had against Oregon. That's not saying much.

A couple of the moderators from California Golden Blogs were kind enough to take the time to answer (sort of) some questions about Saturday's Big Game. Read on to learn about the secret to Cal's success at home and Oski's FourLoko addiction.

1. Brock Mansion's numbers since taking over for the injured Kevin Riley leave something to be desired. What can Stanford fans expect from the Bears' QB?

Kodiak: Inconsistent accuracy and decision-making. Kind of like TC Ostrander. Throws a nice deep ball. Has some wheels. He'll short hop at least one ball and throw a few way over the heads of the receivers. If you're sitting near the field, wear a helmet. He shows a lot of poise, however. Mistakes don't seem to rattle him. The bigger question is whether our o-line will play well. If they give him decent protection, he has the arm to make some nice throws. (provided our WR's actually catch them. sigh)

2. Can you attempt to explain why Cal has been so much better at home this season?

Kodiak:  To try to keep things similar between being at home and on the road, the Cal team usually stays in a hotel before home games. Prior to the season, this hotel underwent renovations and includes a climate-controlled Cal snuggie in each room. Contractual obligations prevent the hotel from allowing the players to bring the snuggies on the road. Honestly, how well do you sleep without your favorite snuggie?
3. How much does it bother Cal fans to see Stanford in the race for a BCS berth? Is there any Pac-10 love for a local rival, or are most Bears fans hoping the Cardinal gets shut out of the Rose Bowl?

atomsareenough:  Are you kidding me?? I know you guys are supposed to pretend like you don't care, but are you actually familiar with the definition of the word "rivalry"? Of COURSE we want you to get shut out of the Rose Bowl, and if it can happen courtesy of losing to us, so much the better. "Pac-10 love", puh-leeze. Not for you guys anyway, no offense. [Ed. None taken. I expected as much, and was a big fan of Mack Brown's politickin'.]

Kodiak:  I wasn't aware that stanfurd was in the race for a BCS berth...blink...blink...blink.

Not sure if I'm supposed to be diplomatic or give you a Harbaugh-like answer. So, we'll dial up some Chip Kelly:  Doesn't bother me.  No love.  Yes.

4. What will it take for Cal to pull off the upset? Another ridiculous performance by Shane Vereen?

atomsareenough: I think our defense needs to be at a similar level to what it was against Oregon and our offense... well, it can't be as bad as last week, if we want to win. Vereen had a pretty grueling game against Oregon, and I hope he has enough left in the tank this week. I do think Mansion and the receivers will have a better game though. I think there will be at least one passing TD from our offense.

Kodiak:  Another dominating performance from the defense would be a good start. We probably need our D to score at least once or set up short fields. At this point, I don't even hope for adequate special teams play. I'd take mediocre over disastrous. As it has all year, it really starts with the O-line as the barometer of our offense's success or epic failure. We know your D is tough and disciplined, but lacks speed at some positions. If we can use the running game to set up playaction passes, and get some of our playmakers like Keenan Allen in space, maybe we can move the ball. But we know you know that. And you know that we know that you know.

5. Which name will Stanford fans be more sick of hearing by the end of Saturday's game -- Keenan Allen or Mychal Kendricks?

atomsarenough: Actually, I believe you will be bowing down once more to The Prophet [Ed. That's Cardinal-killer Mike Mohamed for the uninitiated] and his leg man Shane Vereen. Between Allen and Kendricks... I hope it's Allen. We're going to need some offense.

Kodiak: I hope it's Giorgio Tavecchio.

6. Predict a score.

Kodiak:  17-10, Cal.

atomsarenough: 24-17 BEARS WIN

7. What will Oski be drinking through the hole in his right eye to drown the sorrow of a Big Disappointment or celebrate a Big Upset on Saturday?
 atomsarenough: FourLoko, while he can still get his paws on some.

Kodiak:  I don't know. Depends on what Harbaugh's wife is serving.

8. What's your deal?

atomsarenough: This week, as every week, we have a deep discount on TwistNHook. You know you can't resist the allure! Bonus: He actually not-as-secretly-as-ought-to-be kinda likes Stanfurd. The marginal utility of an extra fan is pretty high for you guys, right? Buy now, the price is right. We won't regret it!

Kodiak: Buy any CGB chemist and we'll throw in two lawyers. Seriously.  We really do throw them - so buy something already.

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