Stanford-Oregon State: Chris Owusu, College GameDay, and Other Links

Should Chris Owusu play football again?

There were a couple of interesting nuggets in Kevin Gemmell's post about the players' reaction to Chris Owusu's scary injury yesterday. Some fans were apparently yelling inappropriate things, which would explain why Ben Gardner and a couple of other players on the Stanford sideline looked ticked off. Jordan Poyer, the OSU defensive back who made the hit on Owusu, went over to David Shaw while he was checking on his receiver and apologized, to which Shaw responded, "Hey, don't worry about it, just play."  

Here's what Shaw had to say about Owusu, who suffered his third concussion in 13 months, after the game:

"Personally, I was fighting back tears, just to see Chris lying on the ground again. The good thing is, he was conscious, he was fine but they had already made the decision to put him on the stretcher. He is already back in the locker room. He’s fine and excited to be back. We’ll talk about whether or not he is going to play anytime soon at a later date. There are a lot of checks that he has to pass in order to get back on the field. We are going to make sure that he passes all those before he plays. We will be overly cautious with Chris Owusu."

The doctors may very well clear Owusu to return to action, perhaps as early as next week against Oregon, but how many more hits does he have to take before he decides that enough is enough? Hank writes an emotional and well thought out open letter to Owusu, urging him not to return to the football field. It's definitely worth a read. 

In less depressing news, start thinking of clever sign ideas because ESPN College GameDay is coming to our city.



Here are a few more links from Saturday's win:

Andrew Luck overcame a sloppy first half and hooked up regularly with Griff Whalen. | The Daily Axe

Stanford has yet to hit on all cylinders. Next week would be a good time to do so. | Stanford Football Blog

Jarek Lancaster led a strong defensive effort with a team-high seven tackles and half a sack. | SF Chronicle

Stanford extended its winning streak, setting up an epic showdown with Oregon, or, as David Shaw referred to it, a "big game in the Pac-12 North." | Mercury News

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