Pac-12 Picks: Week 8

Ezra Shaw

We all (shockingly) pick Stanford over Cal. What's your score prediction?

We're at the midway point of the season, which is a good time to assess where things stand for your team. It's also time for us to assess where our picks are, and it's not a good place for any of us. Here are our midseason records:

Jack: 16-19-2, 3-3 Locks

Jacob: 12-23-2, 3-3 Locks

Scott: 16-19-2, 0-5-1 Locks

On the bright side, 1) two of us have been hot recently with our Locks, 2) you have a guaranteed winner when you pick against Scott's Lock, and 3) we've still got the second half of the season to get back to respectability.

Here are this week's picks:


Oregon (-8) at Arizona State

Jack: Oregon. Arizona State has definitely exceeded my expectations this year, but I can't see them keeping it really close against the Ducks.

Jacob: Oregon. This could be a dangerous spot for Oregon, having to travel to an opponent's home stadium for the first time this year against a 5-1 team. But it won't be. Oregon will make Arizona State look like Arkansas State.

Scott: Oregon. I won't bet the Ducks because I don't want to feel any conflict of interest in rooting for the upset. Otherwise, I'd bet them so hard.


Stanford (-2.5) at Cal

Jack: Stanford. The Cardinal offense hasn't been good on the road, but I think Stanford is more than capable of handling Cal. Score: Stanford 24, Cal 10.

Jacob: Stanford. Cal's best shot would be to catch Stanford in a hangover from last week's loss. Rivalry games usually equalize momentum, though, and Memorial Stadium isn't exactly a big home-field advantage, renovation or not. The Axe isn't going anywhere. Score: Stanford 27, Cal 13.

Scott: Stanford. It'll be a relief to play a mediocre defense after last week. Score: Stanford 24, Cal 17.

Colorado at USC (-40.5)

Jack: Colorado. I know the Buffs are terrible, but taking USC with a 40-point spread against anybody seems like a bad idea.

Jacob: Colorado. This is one of the toughest picks of the year for me. If I could pick "neither" I would. I'd like to pick against both teams and I can't really trust either one to cover. I guess I'll go against the only team that's ever lost a game outright as this big of a favorite.

Scott: USC. I'm through with Colorado. The Buffs should lose this one by 60. Now watch them win.

Washington at Arizona (-7)

Jack: Washington. I think this game's really tough to pick, so I'll apply this tried-and-true logic: when in doubt, take the points.

Jacob: Arizona. The Wildcats are all offense, the Huskies are all defense. I'll take the rested offense at home.

Scott: Arizona. Huskies have played the nation's No. 2 and No. 3 teams on the road this season. I don't think this trip will go much better.

Utah at Oregon State (-10)

Jack: Oregon State. I thought they would miss a beat last week, but I was oh, so wrong. These Beavers will not be thwarted. #BeaverJuice

Jacob: Oregon State. I thought about picking Utah for a no-reason-at-all upset, but then I remembered the Utes would need to score. I'll take the Cody Vaz-led Beavers.

Scott: Oregon State. These Beavers could win with their third-string QB.

Lock of the Week

Jack: Oregon. I think the Ducks are peeved at their spot in the BCS standings, and will therefore take out that anger on the Sun Devils tonight.

Jacob: Stanford. It's dangerous, I know, but I can't pass this up. It's time for another Party in the Backfield.

Scott: Oregon. I was tempted to pick Stanford and then I remembered my record picking Locks of the Week. You're welcome.

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