Every Down Review (Cal) - first half

Stanford @ UC Berkeley - the 115th Big Game

The second half will come some time tomorrow, I think.

Review format borrowed from Shakin' the Southland, the really awesome SBN Clemson blog.

All Stanford running plays are Taylor unless otherwise noted.

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First half

Stanford @SU 35…Wildcat direct snap power for 4…Patterson in for 7…Trap for 4, Peat in at LT, Yankey at LG, pulls and makes a great block, more of this…Nunes doesn’t see a wide-open Terrell and scrambles, Berkeley blitzed only 4 but they blitzed fast guys, Nunes scrambles, stripped, FUMBLED, RECOVERED BY CAL. 4 plays 14 yards. 0-0.

Is Peat-at-LT happening? Yankey still remembers how to play guard…and now Stanford can run the trap and stuff!

Cal @UCB 47…IZ for no gain, penalty Stanford, personal foul…Treggs sweep for a loss of 5, the blocking on Thomas was horrendous and he just rushes in to blow up the run…Allen bubble screen for 4, Tedford’s watched the Arizona film…Thomas blindsides Maynard, FUMBLED, recovered by Cal…Punt, fair caught. 3 plays 7 yards. 0-0.

As Jack Blanchat noted in his preview, Cal’s LT is, well, not up to the task of keeping Maynard’s jersey clean. Abused…

Stanford @SU 19…Wright on the outside for 6, seeing as Hogan has not thrown a pass all season why doesn’t Stanford just hold a banner saying "We’re going to run?", penalty Stanford, holding…Wilkerson IZ for 2, ankle tackled…Terrell comeback (? Camera doesn’t show) for 17, thrown low…PA incomplete post to Young, dropped, underthrown but that’s on Young…Power right up the A gap for 39, Taylor breaks two tackles…Cal blitzes six, Nunes either throws it away or misses Terrell’s out by six feet. Hoping it’s the former, although it looked like the latter in the student section…Power for 4…Terrell square-in bounces off his hands, bleh…40 yard FG MISSED. 0-0.

To reiterate, Cal’s tackling on the 39 yard gain by Taylor was especially miserable. I was very angry at Nunes when I was at Memorial but his performance looks better on the TV. Speaking of Memorial, it is gorgeous (and as expensive as it is gorgeous).

Let’s not talk about Williamson.

Cal @UCB 23…Incomplete on the check-release...Cal TE drops an easy snag…Anderson draw for 3, I’d heard complaints from Cal fans about Tedford’s penchant for the shotgun draw on 3rd and long but I never actually thought it’d happen…Punt, returned by Terrell for 37, nice. 3 plays 3 yards. 0-0.

The threat of Stanford’s pass rush is forcing Cal to keep more and more players in pass protection. I like it. Only a few of their burners running wild at any time.

Oh, and it’s nice to have good field position, isn’t it?

Stanford @UCB 34…Wilkerson to the outside for 2, Hewitt hesitates and makes a poor block…Nunes overthrows Terrell by a mile on a potshot to the end zone…Ertz up the middle for 16, nice inside-outside juke, absolutely destroyed the first guy that tried to tackle him…Incomplete fade to Patterson in double coverage, ugh, Ertz was wide open on the backside in…Power for 1…Nunes, pressured, throws it somewhere in the vicinity of a wide-open Ertz in the end zone AND Toilolo was wide open on the slant for six, penalty Cal, holding, bailed out…Edge run, Taylor makes a guy miss, nice blocking on the outside, TOUCHDOWN STANFORD. 6 plays 34 yards. 7-0 Stanford.

Nunes is trying to redeem himself through heroic touchdown potshots. He would redeem himself better through easy touchdown passes.

Cal @UCB 40…Allen out of trips formation is given a one-on-one matchup, gets tackled, wrestles for 6, Tedford’s also watched the Oregon film from last year…Anderson to the outside for 2 (camera missed the snap)…TO Stanford, defensive strength was grossly imbalanced to the field side and Cal had two TEs on the boundary, would have been an easy run…Maynard overthrows the TE on the snag…Punt, returned by Terrell for 3. 3 plays 8 yards. 7-0 Stanford.

Cal isn’t even trying to roll the dice with the offensive line. It’s short passes all day and hope the receivers break a tackle or two. I don’t think they’ve attempted a single inside run play so far.

Stanford @SU 14…Young speed option toss but he stumbles, no gain…Patterson stop route for 6, tackled hard, fumbled OB…penalty Stanford, false start…TO Stanford, ran out of time again…Ertz overthrown on the slant…Punt, returned by Allen for 29, he made maybe five guys miss on that play. Yeesh. 3 plays 1 yard. 7-0 Stanford.

Cal has fast guys. These fast guys don’t have holes to run through or time to run deep on offense, but on special teams…Imagine this team with an actual offensive line.

Cal @SU 25…Screen pass for no gain, Brown reacts quickly and the Cal WR barely touches him on the block, penalty Cal, holding…Sofele OZ for 2, surprising to see Cal in a two TB set…Quick swing pass to Bigelow and he speeds away for 31, the Oregon DeAnthony Thomas strategy again…Anderson dive, loss of 1…End of the first quarter…Sofele IZ for -1, Stanford swarms and sends three guys through one gap…QB draw/keeper for no gain. 21 yard FG. 7-3 Stanford.

Good thinking by Cal to get the ball to their speedy guys as far away from Stanford’s concentration of players as possible. Nice stand by the Cardinal D.

Stanford @SU 25…Power set, Cal reacts to the run, Cal’s CB locks onto the flat in front of him, Ertz corner behind Cal’s CB, nobody within a mile of him, gain of 68, we saw this corner-flat high-low combination against ND when Ertz went for 22, and, well, Cal ain’t as good at coverage as ND…Power for 3, Fleming gets to the second level but can’t make the block…Penalty Stanford, false start…Hogan at QB, rolls right and hits Toilolo on the out, TOUCHDOWN STANFORD. 3 plays 75 yards. 14-3 Stanford. Kickoff returned by Bigelow for 16.

It takes a lot of power sets to make the deep pass work, but when it works…oh, and Hogan gets to pass now? Well, now that threat exists, and that makes Hogan all the more dangerous. The corner-flat seems to be one of Shaw’s favorites at that point. (It looks a lot like Spider 3 Y Banana, the one that all the announcers talk about ALL THE [REDACTED] TIME, but it’s run out of a lot of different looks.)

Cal @UCB 20…Sofele IZ for 4, penalty Stanford, personal foul, why are the refs so fixated on hands to the face in particular this game?...Quick slant to Harper, breaks two tackles (the first less egregious than the second) and goes for 20…Bigelow IZ overwhelmed by edge pressure for no gain, drops the ball accidentally (not forced), fumbled, RECOVERED BY STANFORD (Thomas). 3 plays 39 yards. 14-3 Stanford.

On the last play…the OL looked like an IZ, but Bigelow looked like he was running OZ…could that have been a gross miscommunication, or was that just Bigelow flailing for the ball? Either way, there’s a term to describe what Thomas has done today and that is "gone ham."

Stanford @SU 48…Toilolo out for 1…PA screen to Young for 3…Nunes drops back really far, doesn’t see Ertz open on the in, scrambles for 7…Cal blitzes, Nunes throws high to Patterson on the in, good work for him to catch it and then fight for 6…Nunes throws the vertical bomb to Ertz, incomplete, Cal gets away with PI…Terrell drops a quick in, well covered by Cal…in comes Williamson, nope, TO Cal…Punt, fair caught. 6 plays 17 yards. 14-3 Stanford.

Nunes is not "good" at handling the blitz, but he is good enough…against Cal, at least.

Cal @UCB 10…Swing pass to Allen for 10, fumbled, good work by Richards to strip him, RECOVERED BY STANFORD. 1 play 10 yards. 14-3 Stanford.

Stanford @UCB 20Ertz post, TOUCHDOWN. 1 play 20 yards. 21-3 Stanford. Kickoff returned by Bigelow for 13.

That’s all the scoring for tonight.

Allow me to rant, but I will never understand why when a guy’s on an island on a slant or post, the defender will play with outside leverage. I mean, it’s not like Nunes has shown any ability to consistently hit the back-shoulder fade or anything. It gave up ND’s game-winner in overtime against Stanford last week and it gave up this TD here. Also, Cal’s safety, who was probably supposed to provide the inside support on Ertz, was standing around in the middle of the field at the 15 yard line doing absolutely nothing (run responsibilities?).

Cal @UCB 13…Sofele IZ for 4…Tarpley tips the pass, nearly picked by Thomas…Out for 5 but Bernard does a fine job of tackling Treggs short of the first down…Punt, fair caught. 3 plays 9 yards. 21-3 Stanford.

I might have gone for it there.

Stanford @SU 35…Power for 5…Cal brings the house, Nunes throws it away, Patterson was open on the in…penalty Cal, blatant PI at Terrell’s expense, I think I might have heard myself booing the PI on the TV…Terrell quick out, Cal jumps the route and fails, he’s off to the races for 28…Wilkerson power (?) for 4…Wilkerson IZ for 2…Wildcat direct snap to Taylor, who rolls out and, well, Nunes is the quarterback for a reason, loss of 6…34 yd FG MISSED, just shanked, the hold looked fine. 6 plays 48 yards. 21-3 Stanford.

Wildcat? AAUGH. Williamson misses a FG? AAUGH. AAUGH. AAUGH. So much AAUGH on this drive. Or as our friends from Cal would say DOOOOOOOOOOOM.

Cal @UCB 20…PA vertical, penalty Stanford, PI on Brown, he hadn’t been beaten he just forgot to look at the ball and Treggs was smart to fall down and sell the PI…Sofele IZ for 4…Maynard rolls out and hits the flat for 5…Maynard rolls out and tries to hit Allen on the in but Tarpley has him wrapped up, nearly picked off…Cal goes for it, as they should, and Anderson IZs for 2, the quick snap catches Stanford off guard…Harper drops a deep in that would have gone for 20…Dumb throw by Maynard to Allen’s stick route into double coverage, too high and dropped and nearly picked, he had an open go route for 20-30 or maybe even a TD if he’d just waited a little longer…TO Stanford to challenge for a pick and possibly blow the game open…Maynard nearly taken down and there’s the pass to the RB leaking out of the backfield that Jack Blanchat discussed two days ago but only goes for 3…Punt, fair caught. 7 plays 29 yards. 21-3 Stanford.

Nice to see that it’s just a three-score lead and Maynard’s already panicking. I mean, Stanford’s defense is pretty good.

Stanford @SU 21…Power shotgun draw edge run for 9…Alert route to Taylor for 6, Nunes ignores an open Patterson in route for, well, 6, so that’s a push…Double-covered bomb to Terrell, thankfully overthrown, nearly picked off of course, SRSLY MAN?...Power to the outside for 7, penalty Cal, personal foul…Terrell go route for 30 or so, penalty Stanford, offensive PI, good call, nice catch though…Nunes throws to an open Patterson curl (?) seven feet too high or something, or was he trying to hit Ertz on the post behind Patterson, in which case he underthrew by three feet?...Taylor to the flat for 5…IZ for 6, Shaw opts to run out the clock…TO Cal…Punt, downed. 7 plays 33 yards. 21-3 Stanford.

The Patterson curl/Ertz post was profiled on Grantland literally two days ago. I’m hoping that somebody on the Stanford coaching staff reads sports blogs, because that would be sooo cool.

Cal @UCB 16…Sofele IZ cutback for 6.

End of half

Second half

Stanford has been derping for a good deal of the game, but Cal has derped harder. Still, the Cardinal should be up by 4 or 5 touchdowns right now. Also, Williamson.

The running game has not been as effective as hoped, and Shaw is calling a lot of pass plays. Some brilliant analysis that is. You're really getting what you're paying for. =]

I was at the game as I’ve incessantly reminded you, and the crowd noise was great. Our crowd noise, that is. A quarter of the fans were wearing red and it was awesome. We were shouting down the Cal student section very nicely. Yay for us. Also, there were maybe ten retrospectives on The Play or something. You got anything else to celebrate over the last 30 years?

I have no comment on the streaker.

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