Every Down Review (Cal) - Second half

Link to the first half

Second half

Cal @UCB 27 (Bigelow 27 yd return)…Sofele sweep for -6, horrendous blocking on the play…Maynard scrambles for no gain…Sofele draw for 3 and the Cal faithful are booing, why not just punt on third down?...Punt, OB. 3 plays -3 yards. 21-3 Stanford.

I won’t be including scores from here on out because, you know, it didn’t change.

Stanford @UCB 49…Hogan doesn’t pitch on the option quickly enough, loss of 5…Taylor power for 3, very small hole…Ertz hook for 10, just short…Shaw goes for it, Spider Y Banana out of the power set, Nunes throws the flat to Hewitt, gain of 1, Cal was expecting it especially after the big Ertz gain from the power set…TURNOVER ON DOWNS. 4 plays 9 yards.

On the Hogan option: Oregon had this problem two years ago in the NCG where they kept on optioning off Fairley, with questionable results. Fairley was just too fast.

Quite pleased to see that Shaw will sometimes go for it, and I like the playcall especially. I do wonder how many power runs out of the power set are necessary to set up a banana gain.

Cal @UCB 40…Skov runs in unimpeded and crushes Maynard, loss of 9, Stephens demands a double-team and that opens up a huge gap in the OL…Screen pass to Treggs for 1…Incomplete, with just five defenders Maynard’s running for his life…Punt, downed. 3 plays -8 yards.

Cal’s entire OL was pummeled on the last play. Tarpley just sauntered into the A gap, easy as you please, I don’t even know what the center was doing, he had nobody else to block.

Stanford @SU 20…Nunes rolls out and scrambles for -1, looks like Shaw was going for the TD bomb and good coverage by Cal…Power for 16, Cal really can’t tackle…Wilkerson OZ away from the strong side of the unbalanced set (interesting deception) for 3…Ertz out for 14…Nunes throws it away towards Patterson’s square-in, could probably have gotten it to him…Power for 2, Peat pancakes a couple guys…Ertz slant for 6…Punt, fair caught, Shaw decides not to go for it this time even though he went for it on 4th and 2 last series. 7 plays 40 yards.

Cal @UCB 11…Penalty Stanford, offside…Sofele OZ for 3…Maynard scrambles for 11…Bigelow OZ for no gain, Amanam was completely unblocked on the backside and runs into him…Bigelow dig for 3…Maynard doesn’t give himself the time to see a wide open backside swing pass, scrambles for 3…Punt, returned by Terrell for 13. 5 plays 26 yards.

Digs negate Cal’s skill position players’ speed. Give up the dig all day.

Stanford @SU 20…Wilkerson pitch for 2…TO Stanford…Power for 11…penalty Stanford, illegal shift…Isolation for 5…Power, cuts outside for 3…End of the third quarter…Young jet sweep for 8…Power for -1, Yankey double-teams and leaves a Cal defender unblocked…Isolation up the B gap for 5…Nunes goes for Terrell on the in, tipped…Punt, fair caught. 8 plays 28 yards.

Cal @UCB 6…Maynard overthrows a well-covered Treggs out…Fantastic catch on an overthrown post by Harper into the Cover 2 seam, nearly picked off, gain of 29…CJ Anderson OZ for -3, Henry Anderson walks right through, dainty as you please, and crushes him…Bigelow screen pass for 9, Cal’s receivers actually blocked properly on this play…Treggs out for 3…Tedford goes for it, Sofele draw for -2, Gardner hits him directly in the backfield, ouch…TURNOVER ON DOWNS. 6 plays 36 yards.

At this point do I even need to tell you that Cal’s OL is getting blasted to pieces? The draw was a weird call to be sure, but even if Cal had called a different running play it wouldn’t have worked with the penetration Gardner got.

Stanford @UCB 42…Power for 11…TO Cal…Power for 5…Power into the crease for 8, fantastic blocking by Danser…Trap for 1, pulling guard got there too late…Spider Y Banana flat to Hewitt, throw is too low, dropped…Nunes tries to force it to Terrell, wait just half a second and Ertz is open in the end zone, INTERCEPTION. 6 plays 26 yards.

Nononononononono. Nunes had time. He thought he could make the throw and he didn’t.

Cal @UCB 10…Maynard ignores the open playside TE and forces it to Anderson, who makes a very tough grab and fights for 12…Maynard overthrows what would have been a tough post anyway and nearly gets picked off by Richards…Treggs out for 7…Harper stop route and a missed tackle for 11…Fantastic throw to the post by Maynard into a tight window to Harper for 22…Debniak speeds around the LT and sacks Maynard, loss of 5…Anderson leaks out from the backfield to the flat, gain of 9…Incomplete, defensed by Anderson…TO Cal…4th and 6, Maynard heaves a post to Allen who is hopefully open, holy crap Allen can jump high, gain of 23…Anderson IZ for 4…Anderson IZ for -2…Murphy abuses the RT and sacks Maynard for -3…Maynard, with three guys in his grill, underthrows the fade into the shadows and gets INTERCEPTED by Lyons. 13 plays 78 yards.

The post down the middle is absolutely devastating Stanford right now. Too little too late. Why call runs right now with so little time? Lyons should have batted it down (4th down), but I won’t begrudge him a pick.

Stanford @ SU 5…Power for 12, penalty Cal, personal foul…Power for no gain…Wilkerson to the outside for 9…OZ cutback for 6…Taylor to the outside for 19, fantastic lead blocking by Ertz…Wright power for no gain…Wright power for 3…Wright OZ for 4…Hogan gets Cal to bite on the fake handoff, makes two guys miss and goes for 12, he’s done very well...

Final score: Stanford 21, California 3.

Cal attempted 28 runs and 31 passes. The runs were absolutely destroyed. Interesting philosophy on the runs. Sofele had 13 carries straight into Stanford’s front seven, give him some award for effort. Bigelow had…two carries. Maynard had his jersey clean when Tedford was calling quick passes, but then Cal had to chuck it deep and he started getting hammered. Allen had just 4 catches for 43 yards. Bigelow had a nice catch for 31 but that was the only high point of his day on offense. A few times Cal flashed innovativeness, but in general the offensive playcalling was hardly the stuff of legend. I mean, Arizona, man. Stanford’s D is superb but it’s not the ’85 Bears. Get the ball to the outside. And Cal didn’t help on the inside runs by running shotgun all day, at least give Sofele a chance to get a full head of steam or something.

Cal’s speed only burned Stanford on special teams: Bigelow for 40, Allen for 29, Bigelow for 16, Bigelow for 13, Bigelow for 27. Yeesh. In the few instances on offense when they could hit full speed, they’d generally make two or three guys miss. Lot of talent. As Stanford started dominating the field position more and more of Zychlinski’s punts went higher and for shorter distances and weren’t returned, which was a good thing. He pinned Cal within their 20 three times and didn’t have a single touchback.

Jordan Williamson needs to find his Zen. Both missed FGs were on him. He knows that, which might be the problem.

Taylor went ham, obviously, especially in the second half when Cal’s effort was…not what you’d expect from a rivalry game. Ertz continues to impress. Toilolo continues to go without the ball for long stretches. Hogan is allowed to throw the ball now. Peat is playing more and looks pretty good so far. Kelsey Young touched the ball three times. Nunes was not great but not terrible, although that interception in the red zone was bad. Taylor gets another mention because if you split his day in half you’d have two really good days.

This has been analyzed to death already, but Jeff Tedford is gone unless Cal somehow beats Oregon and/or Oregon State. It’s a little bittersweet, partly because every coaching change brings with it the possibility of a game-changing hire (and the Memorial renovations prove that Cal still has financial firepower even with the budget cuts), and partly because he proved to everyone that an elite school could play elite football. Without him beating the daylights out of Stanford in the early part of his reign, the last five years might never have happened. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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