Every Down Review (Oregon) - first half

Link to the second half+OT

Haha, it’s back! Curse the homework gods.

All Stanford running plays are Taylor unless otherwise noted. Same for Oregon and Barner. A ZR IZ or OZ is Barner (unless otherwise noted); a ZR keeper is Mariota.

Stanford @ SU 36…Terrell PA hitch for 10, Oregon’s CB bit hard on the run fake…Direct snap IZ for 1…Hogan rolls left, Ertz out for 5…Sacked, Yankey was on an island and duff’d it, Hogan had Taylor open on the flat and was a half-second too late…Punt. 4 plays 11 yards. 0-0.

Oregon @ UO 25…Out for 6…ZR OZ (with pulling guard) for 3…DAT screen for 6, Stanford was too aggressive against the run, three Oregon WRs against 2 Stanford DBs…Speed option for -4, Carter bulldozed the UO wideout’s block…OZ keeper for 1, Skov makes a great tackle…Rollout, blanket coverage, Mariota throws it away…Punt. 6 plays 12 yards. 0-0.

Stanford @ SU 29…Power for -2, Oregon saw it coming and blitzed two in the B gap…Hogan escapes, Ertz in for 7…Terrell post for 14…Isolation up the B gap for 12, huge hole…penalty Stanford, chop block (Danser)…Shotgun, Patterson screen for 1, Hewitt didn’t recognize and block the defender…Shotgun draw for 5…Hogan scrambles for 14, Patterson got open but late…Punt. 7 plays 36 yards. 0-0.

Punt? 4th and 5 at the 35, fyi.

Oregon @ UO 8…Dropback, a hole opens and Mariota’s off to the races for 77…Screen for 7, Hoffpauir makes a TD saving tackle…Screen, DAT’s knee was down prior for a loss of 3…DAT IZ for 4…ZR keeper, Skov comes off a busted block for no gain…Turnover on downs. 5 plays 85 yards. 0-0.

Basically, the idea is to not let Mariota get a full head of steam. He was flying by the time he’d gone 5 yards downfield. Front 7 needs to be more conscious of their gaps. DAT needs to learn to block, Carrington deserves some sort of medal. He really messed up on this drive.

A huge huge huge stand that swung the momentum for the entire game.

Stanford @ SU 7…Power for no gain, Yankey couldn’t complete his pull…Ertz slant for 11…Young flare for 24…Power for 12, great block by Yankey to seal the inside…Montgomery screen for 2, telegraphed and immediately chased down…Buck(?) sweep for 3…Hewitt hitch/in for 6…Power for 8…PA, deep corner to Toilolo into triple coverage, incomplete, Taylor alert would have gone for 20 yards…Hogan in trouble and pulls a Johnny Football, hits Hewitt’s alert for 8…End of the first quarter…PA fooled nobody, heavy pressure, Ertz flat for no gain…Ertz blocks and then leaks out for 8, how versatile of him…Hogan keep for 3…Power for 4…Hogan rolls left, scrambles for the TD. 15 plays 93 yards. 7-0 Stanford.

On the power for 12, Oregon was so scared of Spider Y Banana that the CB played too far to the outside, and Hewitt had an easy block. This is a common refrain this season.

Dang, Hogan. He could have been sacked at least three times this drive…

That drive ate up seven minutes of game clock. Time of possession is an overrated statistic because teams alternate possessions anyway, but here it’s critical because the defense needs all the rest it can get.

Oregon @ UO 25…OZ for no gain, Skov immediately in his face…Mariota pressured, throws it away…Huff curl for 11, and penalty Stanford, personal foul (Brown)…Speed option for -4…OZ for 5…Comeback, dropped, Carter needs to be more aware of the first down marker: he had support deep so he should have played tighter…Punt. 6 plays 27 yards. 7-0 Stanford.

Stanford is blowing through Oregon’s blocks right now. They’re playing very spread out and direct runs might hurt.

Stanford @ SU 20…Power for -3, terrible block by Hewitt…Smash combination, Hogan throws it directly between the two receivers, inexcusably off target…(? – camera missed the snap) for 11…Punt. 3 plays 8 yards. 7-0 Stanford.

Oregon at UO 10…Lyerla corner, obliterates Richards and runs for 20, SIX guys were on him…DAT OZ for 16, this was Skov’s responsibility and he was watching the cutback too long…DAT OZ cutback for 10, Tarpley didn’t watch the cutback at all (a funny last two plays)…Lyerla stick for 6…DAT OZ for 3, Tarpley reacts really well…DAT IZ (guard pulling) for -3, Stanford blitzed two where the pulling guard was before and Anderson got him from behind, this is part of the chess match…Stanford blitzes 5, Mariota throws the quick out way too high and out of reach…Turnover on downs. 7 plays 52 yards. 7-0 Stanford.

Mason’s placed a tremendous responsibility on Skov: basically cleanup duty. He’s often one of just two intermediate linebackers – Mason is using four men on the line, mostly. Stanford really respects the outside runs and moves LBs outside to counter them.

If the safeties mess up, Stanford is toast. But that’s the mathematics of the game. No escaping it, really, unless you have an Ed Reed type who can simply fly.

I really love Kelly’s IZ with a pulling guard. On the 3rd and 1, the guard pulled away from the playside, and that was a great misdirection concept – unfortunately for Oregon Stanford’s call just overloaded the playside, credit goes to Mason. Still, the coolest play I’ve seen all year has to be Rich Rod’s ZR OZ with the guard pulling to the backside which was actually a backside PA slant for a TD against USC.

Stanford @ SU 38…Montgomery screen for 2, Oregon blitzes 7(!), Patterson vertical, overthrown, Ertz was open on the deep post…penalty Oregon, holding…PA deep post to Patterson, incomplete…Power for 8, amazing patience by Taylor…Power for 1, Yankey was cut blocked while pulling right in front of Taylor…max protect pass, Hewitt leaks out and is WIDE OPEN, Hogan drastically underthrows him…Turnover on downs. 6 plays 21 yards. 7-0 Stanford.

Oregon is hammering Power – overflowing the point of attack again and again. Stanford needs to run counter, it needs to run screens (well it is, actually – it needs to make the screens work), it needs to get the ball to Ertz and Toilolo on the quick slants, it basically needs to mess with the linebackers’ minds.

Kudos to Nick Aliotti for teaching his players to read, react, and swarm.

Oregon @ UO 41…Shallow cross to Huff, who has one block and powers his way for 22…Barner(missed snap) for 9…Lowe post for the TD. 3 plays 59 yards. 7-7.

People may well say that Shaw should have punted on the last drive. I may well say that these people are severely misguided.

Very well crafted final play for Oregon, really busted Stanford’s zone. Deep post, which is probably going to get open just due to the nature of the route; a curl underneath to suck up the first safety. This is a standard Cover 4 beater and works against Cover 2 in certain situations, like this one. Before you scream, "Ed Reynolds has around three picks jumping underneath the post route this season," there’s a wheel-flat combo on the backside to draw away the second safety and the flat defender; ergo, TD. I’d love to have this play in the Stanford playbook. Really, the only way to stop this would be Cover 3, but that has its own set of problems, namely getting killed on four verticals, the (seemingly) most popular big-play call in all of football.

Stanford @ SU 9…ZR keeper for 13…Power for 3…TO Oregon…Taylor flare, he slips (it’s rainy, remember?), incomplete…Weakside option keeper for 3, not enough misdirection…TO Oregon…Punt. 4 plays 20 yards. 7-7.

Oregon @ UO 13…Mariota pressured (just blitzed 4), throws it away…ZR OZ for 2, wonderful reaction and tackle by Reynolds…Out to Huff, good open field tackle by Brown to prevent a first down…Punt. 3 plays 8 yards. 7-7.

Stanford @ SU 39…Ertz slant, incomplete, thrown way too high…Toilolo snag for 6…Ertz slant, breaks a tackle, gain of 13…ESPN STOP MISSING THE SNAP anyway Hogan massively overthrows a post and it’s an easy interception. 4 plays 20 yards. 7-7.

My question is, how does one overthrow that post? There were only two main routes – a double post to beat the deep middle safety. Both at the same level of coverage. And yet overthrown by ten yards. Yeesh. Ball must have slipped.

Oregon @ UO 46…Quick out (?) for 6…Mariota sacked for -3, Anderson falls down but doesn’t give up on the play and catches Mariota from behind, FUMBLED, RECOVERED BY OREGON…TO Oregon…Tarpley, playing a robber technique (to oversimplify, sit in the middle of the field and react to whatever happens) picks Mariota off (camera didn’t show the route). 3 plays 3 yards. 7-7.

Stanford @ SU 32…Hogan takes a knee.

Stanford played very sound and very conservative defense against Oregon, which is what you do against an option team, really. The conservatism extended even to passing downs: On obvious passing downs, Mason kept a guy near the LOS, not to rush, but simply to stop Mariota from scrambling. We’ve seen this before, but this shows serious confidence in your pass rush – Oregon’s OL is light-years better than Washington State.

Please, less Colt Lyerla. Less Colt Lyerla. Boot’s on the other foot now with respect to the big hulking tight ends that pose massive matchup problems, huh?

Barner needs to sit down and DAT needs to get more and more run. Thomas may be a hesitant RB but he’s still wicked fast, and Barner is going down whenever a Stanford player even puts a hand on him. Needless to say, I rooted for the exact opposite.

Substantially less IZ than I'd expected. Kelly is definitely subscribing to the cult of "Just go outside often enough and Stanford's going to make a mistake that will probably go for six." But given Stanford's alignment, IZ would probably be smarter - blocking-wise, Stanford has a mathematical and leverage disadvantage in the middle.

Before I forget – tip of the hat to the announcers, they called a much better game than I’ve grown accustomed to. Less so to the camera crew – Oregon’s tempo isn’t an excuse for missing the snap.

Link to the second half+OT

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