Every Down Review (Oregon) - second half and OT

Link to the first half

Second half

Oregon @ UO 10…ZR OZ keeper for 6, Skov didn’t realize he was being read at first…Mariota scrambles for 7…OZ for 4…OZ for 2, Tarpley shed the block really easily…OZ for -3, Anderson kept a double-team really long and that blew up the play…Punt. 5 plays 16 yards. 7-7.

Stanford @ SU 30…Iso up the B gap for 12…OZ for -1, Wilkes forgets to block…Taylor alert for 4…Toilolo out for 3, Ertz was wide open on the right…Punt. 4 plays 18 yards. 7-7.

Oregon @ UO 5…OZ cutback for 9, Barner finally shows his speed, Skov actually got blocked on that play…OZ for 5, poor angle by Thomas…Lyerla hook for 11…Murphy swats down the pass…Lyerla post, too high, incomplete…Comeback for 13, Carter got burned again, he needs to trust the safety support behind him…Screen for 5, thrown too far back, penalty Oregon, personal foul…ZR IZ keep for 8, Barner played the decoy beautifully…Barner leaks out of the backfield, gain of 13…IZ for -1, Skov sheds the block at the last second to seal the crease…DAT OZ for 7…Lyerla slant for 17, good work to find the seam in the zone D…Screen for 6, Thomas bit on the run fake…Huff post-corner for 11, good throw on the run and good catch…Mariota throws it away, maybe faking the ZR keeper isn’t that great if you intend to throw…DAT OZ cutback for 7, TOUCHDOWN OREGON. 16 plays 95 yards. 14-7 Oregon.

On the TD run, Stanford was spread out, directly attacking every gap, and DAT saw a numbers advantage in the middle, so he ran forward, got a one-on-one, and for him that was a total gimme. Oregon’s OL wins the battle.

Die slowly.

Stanford @ SU 27…Screen to Young, but Oregon’s DB pokes the ball out with his head, FUMBLE, RECOVERED BY OREGON. 1 play 12 yards. 14-7 Oregon.


Oregon @ SU 39…OZ for 4…Flare for 6…Hook for 11 (lovely fake screen, Stanford totally bit on that), but penalty Oregon, holding…Out for 5…Mariota throws it away…IZ for 9, Stanford was playing really soft, I mean it was 3rd and 16…42 yd FG MISSED. 5 plays 14 yards. 14-7 Oregon.

FG attempt hits the post; bit of karma for Oregon hitting the post on the XP attempt and that counting, I guess.

Stanford @ SU 25…IZ for 7…Toilolo drops the snag…Ertz corner, thrown a shade behind him, Oregon DB knocks it away…Punt. 3 plays 7 yards. 14-7 Oregon.

Oregon @ UO 9…DAT flare for no gain, Stanford was watching him on his orbit motion…OZ for 3, Brown was lucky to get away with a borderline late hit…Huff hook, broken up by Brown, WELL DONE…Punt. 3 plays 3 yards. 14-7 Oregon.

Stanford @ SU 49…Iso up the A gap for 5…Power for 5…Power for -2, poor blocking – Danser and Hewitt tried to block the same guy, even worse…Montgomery screen for 5…Power for 18, FUMBLE, RECOVERED BY OREGON. 5 plays 31 yards. 14-7 Oregon.

Not again not again not again. On the bright side, Stanford is really crushing it on the run. So far in the second half, the only failed Stanford runs have been on missed blocks. The OL is simply physically overpowering the DL, whipping them at the LOS.

Oregon @ UO 20…Hook (?), broken up by Brown…OZ cutback for 4…End of the third quarter…IZ for 4…Punt. 3 plays 9 yards. 14-7 Oregon.

On the last play, it was 5-on-4 in the middle and yet Stanford still stopped Oregon. Skov moved absurdly fast on that play and physically changed the math.

Stanford @ SU 25…IZ cutback for 5…Power for 4, Terrell was pancaked right into Taylor’s face…Hewitt dive for 2, that was huge, Oregon was absolutely not expecting that…Hogan scrambles for 7, his pocket presence is still not good but it is developing…IZ for 10, Oregon overloaded the playside but Hewitt made a great block on the outside and Taylor got to full speed anyway…Power for 4…Ertz out for 9, well placed by Hogan…Iso for 1, Fleming was blown up on the outside…Pitch to Taylor for 6, Fleming was abused by Dion Jordan…Wright IZ for no gain, Oregon anticipated the snap count…43 yd FG MISSED. 10 plays 49 yards. 14-7 Oregon.

Oh no oh no oh no Williamson. Hooked badly left.

Stepfan Taylor does not care for your mathematics.

Oregon @ UO 26…OZ for 12, Barner finally found a crease…Pitch for -1, Oregon’s OL had terrible leverage and Stanford pushed them right into Barner…Mariota throws it away…Murphy sacks Mariota, loss of 6…Punt. 4 plays 5 yards. 14-7 Oregon.

Stanford is asserting its dominance on the line on both ends of the ball. Regardless of who wins, Shannon Turley deserves a raise.

Stanford @ SU 22…OZ for 4, Stanford ran away from their unbalanced line towards where Oregon was overloading, doesn’t matter…Toilolo hook for 7…Power for 8, Taylor plows through the Oregon secondary…Hogan escapes the pocket, ignores a wide-open Taylor (who is wildly gesticulating for the ball), makes a tough but great throw to Ertz (how did he get that off?), gain of 12…Power cutback for 4…Free play, Ertz comeback for 22, Oregon’s DBs gave up on the play too early…Trap for no gain, an Oregon DL crashed towards the middle and Peat (covering for the pulling guard) had no chance to block him, Taylor gets tripped…Ertz slant, broken up, telegraphed by Hogan…Ertz deep in for 9…TO Stanford…Hewitt dive for 2, he has deceptive hops…Fade to Ertz, CATCH OF THE YEAR, TOUCHDOWN STANFORD. Oh, and Terrell was wide open right in front of Hogan. Hogan don’t care. 11 plays 78 yards. 14-14.

Fine, let Hogan do whatever he wants, as long as it’s working. The scary part was, I had complete confidence that he was going to do it, too. I don’t know why. Same feeling against Oregon State.

Oregon @ UO 22…Mariota overthrows the out, incomplete…IZ for no gain, Anderson pushes the OL into Barner…TO Stanford…Vertical, incomplete, but penalty Stanford, PI (Reynolds)…Hook (?) for 10, Mariota is so precocious, going through his progressions…Mariota scrambles into the crease but HENRY ANDERSON FOR PRESIDENT, gain of 2…TO Oregon…OZ for -1, Gardner penetrates…TO Oregon…Corner-post, Mariota overthrows, decent but not great coverage by Richards…Punt. 6 plays 26 yards. 14-14.

Not sure that was actually PI, but Reynolds does have some issues in coverage and I hope he works on that.

Stanford @ SU 20…Pin-and-pull OZ (that’s new) for 4, but penalty Stanford, holding (Danser)…Hogan takes a knee.

Either a pin-and-pull, or a (really, really badly run) bucksweep – either way, Stanford almost never runs this stuff, and it’s probably just Shaw throwing stuff out there to mess with the poor film guys of the world. In other words, might as well have taken a knee on the first play.


Oregon @ SU 25…Mariota scrambles for -2…Mariota botches the ZR handoff and salvages a gain of 3…Mariota throws the ball to nowhere in particular, and that is why I think most option routes suck, he threw a corner instead of a post, not that the post was open either…41 yd FG MISSED.

Mariota choked. Plain and simple. Shouldn’t have scrambled, shouldn’t have kept the ball, shouldn’t have screwed up on the option route (although that’s also on Huff).

Stanford @ UO 25…IZ for 2…TO Stanford…Hogan scrambles, FUMBLED, RECOVERED BY STANFORD, somebody give Khalil Wilkes a hug…Iso cutback for 3…TO Oregon…37 yd FG.

Final score: 17-14 (OT).

The odds of losing all three fumbles in one game are pretty low, but even so AAUGH WHAT WAS THAT I DON’T EVEN KNOW

Before the FG, the PA said that Williamson was 12 of 21 on the year. Even I didn’t realize what a miserable season he’s had to this point. Hopefully he’s put his demons behind him and is back to the AutomaticWilliamson© of last year.

Quick hits:

First off, Oregon is a good team and they came out to play. No shame in losing to this Stanford team. Not the way Stanford played. Besides, no matter who came out on top, Phil Knight (Stanford’s second biggest athletic booster) still wins.

Defense rightfully got the accolades, but how about special teams? Oregon’s starting field position: 25, 8, 25, 10, 41 (ToDs), 13, 46 (INT), 10, 5, 39 (fumble), 9, 20, 26, 22. That is great stuff. 3 returns for DAT on the night for a total of 28 yards. 5 out of 6 punts inside the 20 and no touchbacks. Daniel Zychlinski, give yourself a hand. Remember, the average offense has a 1/30 chance of scoring when it starts from behind the 20, and 1/8 between the 20 and 40, and even though Oregon’s hardly average, Stanford made it look average because…

DEFENSE. This wasn’t Cal’s boom or bust Cover 0 from 2010 – this was just assignment football, and Stanford played it almost perfectly. Beautiful stuff. And the defensive line: Terrence Stephens, give yourself a hand, you abused Oregon all night. Stanford’s DL changed the math of the zone read. Oregon couldn’t get anything really going except chucking it to Lyerla (which they really should have done more often, IMO – Stanford had no answer for him. Only 4 receptions?!?!?!?) and the (occasional) run up the middle. Open field tackling was a thing of beauty. The D never took plays off and never gave up on plays; they sacrificed sacks to avoid broken plays, unlike last year.

Hats off to the offense, too. The offensive line had a few hiccups, but nothing out of the ordinary, especially against a disruptive Oregon defense. And boy, did they look like road graders tonight. On the other hand, Hogan has a really dangerous tendency to lock onto Ertz. The wide receivers still cannot get open. Another quiet night for Levine Toilolo, who should really consider sticking around another year (Please? Pretty please?). Admittedly, his stats should be higher than they are now. Playcalling was classic and very, very solid, although the passing game was not great and Stanford was terrible in obvious third and long situations. Here I suppose run-run-pass would have been nice.

I said this before, but Shannon Turley (S&C) needs a fat raise or some other program will do that for him. Stanford’s line play was magnificent tonight. Oregon has lost just six games under Kelly and each one of them (maybe not Boise) was lost (mostly) because of tremendous DL play. The talent on the back end is showing as well; so much more speed in the secondary.

And thank you, Jordan Williamson. I’m so happy for you.

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