"Every" Down Review (Colorado)

The return of the EDR...("Every" is in quotation because I stopped after garbage time, defined as when Brett Nottingham came into the game.)

As always, a little housekeeping...

Review format borrowed from Shakin' the Southland, the really awesome SBN Clemson blog.

All Stanford running plays are Taylor unless otherwise noted.

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First half

Colorado from CU 25...Slant for 6...Webb nearly sacked, runs outside for -2...Webb overthrows the out route, a difficult catch but the TE was open...Punt, downed. 3 plays 4 yards. 0-0.

Stanford from SU 21...Nunes scrambles for 5...Ertz out for 3, Patterson and Terrell were wide open for the first down...Incomplete on the quick snag to Ertz, Toilolo was wide open...Punt, returned for 5, the CU returner crashed into another CU player on the return. 3 plays 8 yards. 0-0.

Interesting play calling. Nunes isn't doing very well right now.

Colorado from CU 30...Penalty Stanford, offside...Powell OZ, no gain...Powell OZ for 3...Powell OZ cutback for 3...Anderson sacks Webb, loss of 6, Stanford only rushed three, despicable blocking by Colorado's RT...Webb nearly killed again, throws the out for 10, CBs are giving too much cushion...Webb underthrows the ball to a sandwiched post, picked off by Reynolds, who takes it 52 yards to the house, TOUCHDOWN STANFORD. 5 plays 10 yards. 7-0 Stanford.

The same Richards-above Reynolds-underneath sandwich on the post route got the pick-six against Wazzu. Good chemistry with the safeties.

Colorado from CU 25...Hirschman replaces Webb...Abron OZ cutback, good work by Hemschoot to beat the RT and tackle him, gain of 1...Abron OZ(?) for 1...Quick out for 4, good tackling by Debniak...Penalty Stanford on the punt return, holding, gah Lyons...Hirschman nearly sacked, runs around for a while, eventually runs OB for -3, good work by Lancaster...Hirschman scrambles for no gain...Stanford sends two guys up the A gap without even trying and Hirschman throws the alert for no gain...Punt, returned by Terrell for 5, penalty Stanford, block in the back. 6 plays 12 yards. 7-0 Stanford.

Whoa, Colorado's RT is really bad. He's been getting beaten all game so far. What's with the special teams today? (Williamson excepted, nice distance on kickoffs, although how much of that has to do with the high altitude?) Stanford's front seven is collapsing the Colorado OL easily, whoever plays quarterback for Colorado has half the time they should typically expect from their OL...or maybe not, Colorado's OL looks pretty bad.

Stanford from SU 10...Power for 3...OZ for 2...Toilolo in for 8, Nunes throws off his back foot...Taylor flat for 1, penalty Stanford, holding...Nunes throws the corner-post to Terrell, overthrown, nearly picked off...Draw for no gain...Taylor screen for 11...Punt (for 35!), downed. 6 plays 13 yards. 7-0 Stanford.

Two low snaps on Stanford's two punts. Two drives, two punts. I'm feeling Hogan on the next drive. Nunes has absolutely not looked good. He telegraphed the flat to Taylor which should have gone for 5-6 (the post above Taylor had created open space) but Colorado reacted quickly. The draw on 2nd and 20 was an absolute no-faith playcall.

Colorado from CU 48...Webb replaces Hirschman...Flat for 1, Carter crushes him, ball goes in the air, Tarpley makes an athletic catch, INTERCEPTION. 1 play 0 yards. 7-0 Stanford.

And we Stanford fans think we've got a QB controversy?

Alex Carter continues to impress. Nice bounce-back from the WSU game. I love how Stanford disguises its coverages.

Stanford from CU 40...Hogan in the game...Hogan inverted veer (!) for 7...End of the first quarter...Spider Y Banana to Hewitt for 7, Hogan badly underthrew it, good catch...Power, safeties sell out inside and Taylor immediately sees that he can go outside, TOUCHDOWN STANFORD. 3 plays 40 yards. 14-0 Stanford.

Yup, Hogan is in. I don't think I've seen Stanford run an inverted veer in my entire life. Hey, Colorado thinks that they need to commit 11 to stop the power set? Spider Y Banana is coming.

Colorado from CU 25...Powell OZ for 4...Penalty Colorado, false start...Webb scrambles for 4...Incomplete on the vertical, a reasonably catchable ball, good work by Hoffpauir to react, sandwich Kasa, and force the incomplete...Penalty Colorado, delay of game...Punt, fair caught.

Stanford from SU 30...Hogan still in the game...OZ for 2...Power for 2, Colorado's playing it safer on Power now...Hogan underthrows Ertz on the shallow, Ertz fights for 12, Terrell was open behind Ertz for 15...Hogan PA rollout Spider Y (? Too much camera zoom) to Hewitt for 11, hit hard, fumbled, but he recovers...Patterson reverse for 42, Colorado overpursues spectacularly on the toss, lol Colorado...Hogan option keeper for 1, Ertz made a sissy ass block on the edge (thinking keeper too soon) and Taylor was attacked in the backfield, so that was an option keeper without an option...Dive for no gain (that was a TD on the television)...Wright isolation up the C gap, good lead block by Hewitt, TOUCHDOWN STANFORD. 8 plays 70 yards. 21-0 Stanford.

Ertz actually had to come back towards the LOS to catch that shallow, it was that badly underthrown. Very entertaining reverse to Patterson, Shaw's doing that more often, although maybe that's just because Stanford was playing Wazzu and Colorado. However, the threat of a Hogan run is forcing Colorado to play hesitantly. Not a great fan of the power set at the goal-line, I'd prefer a spread formation. Stanford can't stretch the field vertically with PA and deep routes at the goal-line, so you have to stretch it laterally...or you don't have to stretch it at all, Stanford scored anyway.

Colorado from CU 25...Powell OZ for 2...Snag, incomplete, nearly picked off about three times...Incomplete on the in, Vaughters realizes that it's within 5 yards and he can bump the TE...Punt, returned by Terrell for no gain. 3 plays 2 yards. 21-0 Stanford.

Stanford from SU 35...Seale IZ cutback for 2...Hogan throws way too high to a covered Wright checkdown, dropped...Hogan scrambles for 20...Hogan checkdown to Taylor for 1, nearly sacked...Hogan throws the Terrell corner into double coverage, incomplete...Toilolo vertical for 33, superb catch, a little underthrown...Ertz flat for 2...Power cutback for 7, Taylor breaks maybe six tackles...Isolation for 1, wasn't that a TD?...Hogan bootleg, Colorado attacks the run, Ertz completely open (and spectacularly so), TOUCHDOWN STANFORD. 10 plays 65 yards. 28-0 Stanford.

Hogan has not looked good, but the offense is playing better - he hasn't had to drop back very often, and when he drops back he hasn't been spectacular. Toilolo is playing the Ertz role tonight in what looks like a concerted effort to get him more and more run. The slot is pretty important in the offense, the first or second read a lot, so Ertz sort of fades into the background; he's being used as a decoy with pre-snap motion, mostly.

Colorado must really suck. They're biting on everything. Maybe they need to bite in order to avoid dying slowly, but the alternative is dying quickly.

Colorado from CU 25...Snag, badly underthrown, Skov could have picked it off, the boos are coming from the Colorado faithful...Swing pass for 3, well defended (!), Webb threw way too early...Skov was unblocked (!), steamrolls Webb, loss of 8...TO Stanford...Punt, returned by Terrell for 3. 3 plays -5 yards. 28-0 Stanford.

Colorado must really suck. Love how Stanford is using late pre-snap motion to get mismatches and unblocked blitzers, but they've been doing that forever, I just wanted to mention it.

Stanford from SU 42...Hogan still in the game...Shovel pass to Taylor for 8...Taylor out for 4, penalty Colorado, roughing the passer...Toilolo post was wide open, incomplete, Hogan threw slightly behind him...Ertz slant for 13...Hogan throws it away, he had a backside receiver wide open...Hogan sacked, loss of 4, Wilkerson would like that play back...TO Stanford...Patterson post for 20, great throw by Hogan...Spike...TO Colorado...Power for 2, TOUCHDOWN STANFORD. 9 plays 58 yards. 35-0 Stanford.

Stanford is calling a lot more posts in order to get the deep receivers open, and Stanford is capitalizing on said posts FOR ONCE.

Colorado from CU 25...Colorado takes a knee.

End of the first half

Second half

Stanford from SU 37...Hogan in the game...Wilkerson Power for 2...Ertz crosser for 9...Terrell touch pass (basically an outside run) for 17... Hogan scrambles for 27...Screen to Patterson for -2, poor block by Terrell, Hogan threw it too close to Terrell...Wilkerson draw for 7...Penalty Stanford, delay of game...Wilkerson OZ cutback and bobbles the handoff for no gain...Penalty Stanford, false start...31 yard FG. 7 plays 49 yards. 38-0 Stanford.

A run on third and goal from the 9? Shaw's basically called off the dogs at this point. I'm going to keep reviewing because I want to see how Nunes does, but this game is over, that's really the only reason.

Special teams needs to get its rear in gear. 3 long snaps (punt, punt, FG), 3 high snaps. Plus the penalties. STOP COMMITTING PENALTIES ON SPECIAL TEAMS.

Colorado from CU 25...Hirschman in the game...Out for 8...Slant, incomplete, good coverage by Richards...TE vertical into double coverage, Richards knocks the ball out of his hands...Punt (why?), returned by Terrell for 11. 3 plays 8 yards. 38-0 Stanford.

Stanford from SU 23...Hogan in the game...Wilkerson Power for 6...Montgomery (!) screen for 5...Wildcat direct snap to Wilkerson, Power for 17...Wildcat, Wilkerson trap for 4...Hogan nearly sacked, scrambles for no gain, tried to sell the PA too hard and got out of position...Terrell pivot for 8...Terrell deep comeback for 17...19 yard fade to Toilolo, BEAUTIFUL pass, TOUCHDOWN STANFORD. 8 plays 77 yards. 45-0 Stanford.

That fade was niiice. Stanford is killing Colorado on the play-action. The return of Ty Montgomery? Hogan in a rhythm and Colorado a dumpster fire.

Colorado from CU 10...Swing pass for -1, crushed by Carter...Jones IZ for 1...Mauro (!) sacks Hirschman, loss of 7...Punt, returned by Terrell for no gain. 3 plays -7 yards. 45-0 Stanford.

Stanford from SU 46...Hogan in the game...Skov IZ for 4, he hesitated too long on the cutback...Montgomery drops the screen...Hogan sacked for -3...Punt, fair caught. 3 plays 1 yard. 45-0 Stanford.

Williamson DIDN'T get a touchback, no problem, great coverage by Stanford. Hogan's lack of pocket presence is becoming a problem.

Colorado from CU 17...Wood in the game...Out for 14, Colorado gets a first down and Folsom Field erupts in cheers...Out for 8, penalty Colorado, holding...Wood badly overthrows a reasonably well-covered post...Powell OZ for 5...End of the third quarter...penalty Stanford, holding... Abron OZ cutback for 5...Wood throws a one-hopper on the slant...Punt, downed. 45-0 Stanford.

Stanford from SU 21...Nottingham in the game...

And with Nottingham in the game, so ends the Josh Nunes Era at Stanford - Nunes doesn't even get a second chance. Also, now we know why Nottingham lost the QB battle in the preseason. He was terrible.

That's all, folks. Game over. Well, the game was over a long time ago.

So the big story is the quarterback switch. To reiterate, Hogan did not look especially good at first, but you have to expect that people will look at the success of the Stanford offense with Nunes and with Hogan and draw their own conclusions.

What I wrote during halftime: Maybe Hogan does have something to do with it, and he was 11-15 for 111 yards in the first half, although Nunes was definitely put in a hole by the first-and-20 on the second drive.

What I wrote after the game: Hogan looked A LOT better, he was getting into a major rhythm, he still lacks pocket presence but he is having a day. With this in mind, if we measured quarterbacks at their best Nunes would be some sort of demigod, what with his dissection of San Jose State in the first two drives.

Receivers creating separation? Do mine eyes believe me? Wow, Colorado. Toilolo looked good to the point where I'm almost convinced that the slot position has some deep magic to it. Or it's just the first read. But seriously, Stanford is throwing verticals (!!!) and they're being caught! Thank you, Colorado!

Colorado had 20 total yards in the first half. Stanford did whatever they wanted. The pocket shrank by half in the first second on every pass play and that's spectacular work. Early on, though, the defense looked pretty sloppy. I don't get Colorado's playcalling, they barely used screens or swing passes and they insist on running the ball, even though they only have one running play (the outside zone is not a BAD play, but...). The early slant scared me but Colorado went away from that really quickly.

Special teams have been mediocre. Williamson had five touchbacks in the first half. Terrell has not looked great on punt returns. Punt coverage was fine. Kickoff coverage: N/A, and that's a good thing.

To sum it up, I always look on the non-bright side, and as Spencer Hall wrote: "Stanford: Gave probable new starting quarterback Kevin Hogan plenty of reps in a 48-0 scrimmage over an intramural team from the University of Colorado."

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