Election Day: Stanford Style

Ezra Shaw

Who deserves the title of 2012 Stanford football president?

As you all know, today is Election Day. That means we get to hear an awful lot of arguing about politics, which everyone knows is way less interesting than arguing about sports.

Therefore, I present the Stanford football presidential election. Here are points for and against each of the top candidates for the post of the 2012 Stanford football president. Vote on who you think deserves the nod. (Warning: role of president does not contain four-year term or any other actual power.)

Candidate #1: David Shaw

Pros: Leader of the team, has guided program to 7-2 start despite losing top talent to draft, 4-2 record in close games

Cons: Took until week 9 to change things up at quarterback, taken little blame for losses, continues to try same strategies that haven't worked all season (fades, Wildcat, same power run over and over)

Candidate #2: Stepfan Taylor

Pros: Far and away the best offensive weapon on the team, over seven times as many carries as anyone else on the team, scored one-third of the team's offensive touchdowns

Cons: Failed to break 100 yards in regulation in five of nine games so far, managed only 75 and 86 yards rushing in two losses without a run of 15+ yards or a touchdown in either game, has not really carried the team in most of the close games

Candidate #3: Ed Reynolds

Pros: Has five interceptions, returned three interceptions for touchdowns, brought stability to secondary

Cons: Big plays have often come in blowouts (pick-sixes against Duke and Colorado), has not even been best player in secondary other than interceptions

Candidate #4: Josh Nunes

Pros: Started at quarterback replacing Andrew Luck and managed to move Stanford up in the rankings, led second-half comebacks against USC and Arizona

Cons: Looked terrible on several occasions, failed to muster a single touchdown during either loss, had to be benched

Candidate #5: Trent Murphy

Pros: Has been best player in the best position on Stanford's team, leads the team in sacks with 7.5 and tackles for loss with 12.5, had a pick-six to account for the team's only touchdown against Washington

Cons: Just one of many players in front-seven to make big impact, hasn't necessarily stood out from Chase Thomas and other linebackers

Write-in: There are many other options, from Chase Thomas to Ben Gardner to Zach Ertz to Kevin Hogan, that deserve consideration. Make sure to weigh all your choices before voting

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