Every Down Review - UCLA part II (second half)

Link to the first half

Second half

Stanford @ SU 25…Power for 4…Taylor alert for 4…Hogan rolls left and tries to scramble, loss of 3, should have scrambled right instead of left…Punt. 3 plays 5 yards. 17-14 Stanford.

UCLA @ UCLA 40…Hundley scrambles for 3…Trap for 32, Reynolds comes down in run support and trips while Richards is busy watching the screen…Screen for 9, a 3-on-2…James OZ for -2, Anderson pushes into the backfield…Slant for 5…Flare for 5…Bucksweep (?) for -1, UCLA’s guards didn’t really know what to do when pulling…Hundley desperately looks around, loss of 4, should have thrown it away…31 yd FG. 9 plays 47 yards. 17-17.

Stanford @ SU 25…Wilkerson Power for 3…Taylor OZ cutback for 4…Drag to Patterson, incomplete, but penalty UCLA, PI…Bootleg pass to Hewitt for 1, Hogan should have kept it and ran…Taylor flat for 3…Power for 2, Fleming ran into the LT while pulling…Punt. 5 plays 19 yards. 17-17.

Hogan has no time, and the OL isn’t getting much push on runs. Bootlegs should theoretically take some of the heat off Hogan, but UCLA’s reacting very quickly to them.

UCLA @ UCLA 20…Payton in the flat for 5…Bucksweep for 1…Deep out for 20, good throw…OZ for 1…Hundley scrambles for 9…Screen for 5, 2 on 2…Screen for 4…QB sneak for 2…Screen for 2, Reynolds saw it coming and ran across the field…ZR keeper for 4…TO UCLA…Hundley scrambles, initially stoned, but he’s patient and finds the hole for a huge first down…Quick tempo, OZ for 20, Skov covered the cutback too long and slipped in pursuit, TOUCHDOWN UCLA. 12 plays 80 yards. 24-17 UCLA.

What a performance by UCLA, just grinding out drives and getting first down after first down. They played brilliantly.

Stanford @ SU 37…OZ for 3…Vertical to Whitfield, incomplete, well overthrown…Terrell deep in for 17…Penalty Stanford, false start (Bonnell)…End of the third quarter…Power for 1, tripped up by penetration, but penalty UCLA, facemask…Tipped pass on PA, intended for Terrell, couldn’t see the route, well covered…Power for 7, UCLA wasn’t covering the outside and Taylor turned the corner…Iso for 4…Hogan rolls out, Terrell slips, Hogan scrambles, loss of 1…Counter for no gain, but penalty Stanford, holding (Danser)…Hewitt OZ cutback for 6…Four verticals, Hogan throws a great bomb to Terrell in the corner (26 yards), TOUCHDOWN STANFORD. 10 plays 63 yards. 24-24.

Stanford answers right back, impressive stuff.

UCLA @ UCLA 8…Trap for 2, but penalty UCLA, holding…Fuller screen for 5…Fuller screen for -3, Richards started running at Fuller as soon as the ball was snapped, dangerous play…Power for 3, Thomas sheds his block and tackles Franklin from behind…Punt. 3 plays 1 yards. 24-24.

Stanford @ UCLA 43Kelsey Young Wildcat jet sweep for 23…Power for 3…Counter for 6, but penalty Stanford, holding (Schwartzstein)…Ertz hook for 9…Hogan overthrows the fade to Ertz in the end zone, there might have been PI on Ertz there but I’m not sure I’d have called that…36 yd FG. 5 plays 25 yards. 27-24 Stanford.

Going for the end zone on 3rd and 8 shows a lot of faith in your kicker. Love Kelsey Young, wish there was more of him. UCLA is bailing really aggressively on passes and that’s opening up the hooks and comebacks.

UCLA @ UCLA 21…QB draw for 12…IZ for 11, Franklin flies to the outside…IZ for 14, Skov shaded too far inside and took himself out of the play…Pin-and-pull OZ for 1, good reaction by Skov…Thomas sacks Hundley for -4…Curl, nearly picked off by Tarpley on the robber technique, he’ll have to settle for a PBU…Punt. 6 plays 34 yards. 27-24 Stanford.

Thomas got chip blocked by the RB, spun back and wrapped up the QB. Just exceptional agility right there.

Stanford @ SU 20…Power for 7…TO UCLA…Power for 1…TO UCLA…Hogan ZR keeper for 11…Power for 1, nice spin move by UCLA’s DE to shake off Ertz’ block…OZ for no gain, terrible backside cut block by Fleming…TO Stanford…Toilolo hitch, broken up by McDonald…Punt. 6 plays 20 yards. 27-24 Stanford.

UCLA @ UCLA 19…Hundley scrambles for 2…Fuller hitch for 5, penalty Stanford, roughing the passer (Murphy), what sort of penalty was that?…Hundley scrambles for 3…Deep out to Fauria, incomplete…Flare to Franklin, dropped, nobody in the area and that would have been a first down…Corner-post to Fauria, who laterals it (lol) for an extra four yards…Spike…Out for 5…Double slants, Johnson drops the ball, great reaction by Reynolds…Low snap (but in position still), 51 yd FG MISSED. 9 plays 47 yards. 27-24 Stanford.

Stanford is using the spy technique a lot, where one of the LBs drops back 3-5 yards to make sure the QB doesn’t scramble. A luxury for a team with a great pass rush.

The next time the Cardinal see Fauria, it will be on a TV screen on a Sunday. Go get paid. Please.

The spike is a bad call in this situation. With 47 seconds left, there is ample opportunity to use all four downs, unlike the Georgia game where there wasn’t enough time left to use all the downs anyway (this is debatable). Mora played for a 50+ yard field goal. An unconscionable decision.

Stanford @ SU 34…Hogan takes a knee.

Final score: Stanford 27, UCLA 24.

What a game. UCLA played like champs – definitely better than Oregon – and hats off to them, they deserved to win. Stanford deserved to win, too, but you have to congratulate UCLA. They finally took a step towards putting it all together. With USC in (relative) shambles, UCLA is in great position to dominate in the near future. I’m going to enjoy watching Brett Hundley (except when he plays UCLA, of course).

Stanford didn’t dare play man coverage against these magnificent receivers, and the Bruins are adept at finding the holes in the zone. The zone couldn’t make adjustments to the motion, and Stanford often found itself in numerical mismatches against UCLA’s screens – more than anything, that was what destroyed Stanford. The safeties were forced to help outside and eventually they started cheating, and that’s when UCLA hit the Card with the inside runs. Over bowl season, Stanford is going to HAVE to find a way to change the zone call at the line of scrimmage, or the safeties are going to have to take a crash course in positioning, or both. Reynolds and Richards were not great tonight, the big interception excepted. Poor positioning, poor angles. Not terrible, but not great. UCLA’s OL balled out, much more so than Oregon’s, and when they had equal numbers in the tackle box, more often than not Franklin was going off for 10 yards a pop.

The pass game was fine – your typical mix of screens, comebacks, and other modes of getting the receivers open – but the run game was not up to scratch. Kelsey Young continues to impress in limited playing time, and if his receiving skills improve just enough he could be a great decoy at wideout to create spacing for the intermediate routes. UCLA has a deep D-line and props to them for stopping the run. There has to be some way to convince opposing teams to not stack the box, and moving the ball to the outside would be one of them. The jet sweep and other outside runs and routes were the only thing that hurt UCLA all night – well, except for Terrell’s touchdown. He was quite open and he’s really improved his ability to, well, get open. Stanford hasn’t really utilized verticals (I recall a few against Colorado, but that was Colorado) this season and that’s really hurting the complexity of the passing routes.

Quality game by Ben Rhyne under what could charitably be considered nonideal circumstances. Only two touchbacks. One bad shank, if I recall correctly. Again, hooray for Jordan Williamson.

Oh, and…


Stanford is going to the Rose Bowl the year after losing Andrew bleepin’ Luck, a TE that runs a 4.4, and two of the best OL in school history. You know what that means? It means that Stanford is here to stay. This isn’t a flash in the pan like Tyrone Willingham. Unless Shaw leaves and Stanford botches the next hire, the Cardinal are going to be competitive for the foreseeable future. The recruits know this. Stanford is a place where you can win now. Things are looking up.

On to Wisconsin, who (incidentally) did a lot of UCLAish things with forcing the ball to the outside against Nebraska – something to look out for. I’ll review the B1G Championship game if I have time to see how they destroyed what was supposed to be a quality defense.

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