Google Autocompleting the Pac-12


I thoroughly enjoyed Renee DiResta's Map of American Stereotypes Generated by Google Autocomplete, which my former Stanford Daily colleague Will Oremus featured on Slate. DiResta's idea was beautifully simple: Type "Why is [State] so" into Google and let autocomplete do the rest.

Why is California so liberal, broke, anti-gun and expensive? Why is Kentucky so good at basketball, poor, boring and racist? Why is Virginia so boring, humid, strict and important?

Why don't I do this with the Pac-12?! Enjoy and feel free to share your own in the comments.


Rich Rodriguez is:

- an offensive genius
- fired
- hispanic
- mexican

Tucson is:

- in what county
- in what time zone
- awesome
- ghetto
- boring
- a dump


Todd Graham is:

- a scumbag
- a douchebag
- a liar



- ripken jr
- ripken league
- poly
- tech

Berkeley is:

- in what county
- better than stanford
- so hard
- my baby lyrics


Boulder is:

- for startups
- burning
- for startups infographic
- for robots


Chip Kelly is:

- a douche
- a jerk
- a cheater
- a douchebag
- arrogant
- toast
- a riverboat gambler
- he married
- an idiot


Beavers are:

- fish
- herbivores
- cute
- like ninjas


Andrew Luck is:

- overrated
- a nerd
- a bust
- going to be a bust
- gay
- ugly
- a senior
- from
- good
- a senior

Why is Stanford:

- called the farm
- so great
- university's mascot a tree
- called the cardinal
- a good school


Jim Mora Jr. is:

- a jerk
- an idiot

Why is UCLA:

- so hard to get into
- better than usc
- the bruins
- so expensive


Matt Barkley is:

- overrated
- a christian
- adopted
- a mormon
- gay
- hot
- a douche
- staying
- a tool
- stupid

Lane Kiffin is:

- a douche
- the sexiest woman alive
- a weasel


Why is Utah so:

- weird
- conservative
- salty


Steve Sarkisian is:

- a jerk

Woof woof:

- bark
- woof
- lyrics
- mama


Mike Leach is:

- suspended
- fired
- a pirate
- mormon
- a lawyer
- weird
- crazy
- thinking
- a drunk
- an idiot

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