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Rule of Tree Bowl Pick'em Contest

To help pass the time between now and Stanford's trip to the Orange Bowl, and to foster some friendly competition, I've created a Rule of Tree group in the College Bowl Pick'em contest on Yahoo!. The contest is free to enter with a Yahoo! account. To do so, go here and click "Join a Group."

Next, select "Join Group" and enter the Group ID (14767) and password (harbaugh). I've decided to use the confidence points scoring system to keep things interesting. If you're extremely confident that Stanford will beat Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl, go ahead and assign 35 points to that pick. If you have no idea who will win the Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl, you'll probably want to assign considerably fewer points to that pick. (And if you had no idea that Beef 'O' Brady's was a chain of family sports restaurants, that makes at least two of us.)

It's as easy as that. To be eligible for the to-be-determined small prize, which will most likely be a souvenir from the Orange Bowl, all I ask is that you please "Like" Rule of Tree on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. If you'd rather not, that's fine. Bragging rights are nice, too. The first of this season's 35 bowls kicks off on Saturday, so get your picks in now, and feel free to invite your friends.