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Card Clicks: Stanford and Notre Dame Could Play 2013 Game in China


Notre Dame and Stanford have discussed playing their 2013 game in China. | NYT

A game abroad could pose some scheduling difficulties. | Pacific Takes

There are people around the NFL who think RGIII is a better prospect than Andrew Luck. (Please excuse any spelling mistakes in the rest of this post, as I just spit coffee all over my keyboard.) | Pro Football Talk

Hank wonders how much the Heisman matters. | Go Mighty Card

The trophy certainly isn't a good predictor of NFL success. | LA Times

Luck accepted the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, donned a Unitas Colts jersey, and did some sightseeing in Baltimore on Friday. | SB Nation Bay Area

Luck is confident things will work out no matter where he winds up. | Baltimore Sun

Kevin Gemmell gives the coaching staff an A- for the season. | Stanford Football Blog

Kevin talks Stepfan Taylor's Heisman chances among other things in his weekly mailbag. | Stanford Football Blog

And finally, a special shoutout to my cousin, Daniel Allen, and everyone else who was accepted to Stanford through the early action program.