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Card Clicks: Doug Baldwin Shines on Monday Night Football


Seattle's win over St. Louis on Monday Night Football turned into the Doug Baldwin Show. The former Stanford star had a 40-yard kickoff return, a blocked punt that was returned for a touchdown, and a 29-yard touchdown catch. | AP

It's not a shock when Baldwin does great things anymore. | The Seattle Times

Stanford is scheduled to practice today and then take a hiatus until Friday for finals week. The Cardinal won't get into game mode until 5 days before the Fiesta Bowl. | Mercury News

Stanford playing Notre Dame in China in 2013 is far from a done deal. "I do not know if anything will come of it," Stanford athletic director Bob Bowlsby wrote in an e-mail to the Chronicle. "We are not having any active conversations with a sponsor at this time." | SF Chronicle

Stanford football recruiting roundup. | Stanford Football Blog

Cardinal guard Aaron Bright has a burning fire behind his 24/7 smile. | SF Chronicle