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Card Clicks: Tucson Will Be Hot and Loud


Daily Wildcat beat writer Alex Williams says Arizona Stadium is the loudest venue the Cardinal will play in this season -- at least for the first quarter. | The Daily Axe

A closer look at 2012 commit Jordan Watkins. | Go Mighty Card

Stanford's secondary and offensive line need to hit the books to earn A's in Arizona. | Go Mighty Card

Juron Criner is still questionable for Saturday. | AZ Daily Star

I knew there was a reason, other than the fact that he's an outstanding TE, that I liked Coby Fleener. He was sort of named after Joe Jacoby, a member of the Washington Redskins' "Hogs." | SF Chronicle

David Shaw discussed his Rex Ryan tissue box in The Jungle. | Jim Rome Highlights

Shaw, Chris Owusu, and Fleener discuss Saturday's Pac-12 opener against Arizona: