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Card Clicks: Run-Blocking Wasn't Up to Stanford's Standard


David Shaw on Stanford's run-blocking: "We put a lot on the young guys schematically and expectation-wise. We wanted it to be cleaner than it was. They're still becoming a cohesive unit. It wasn't midseason form. It has to improve." | Palo Alto Daily News

David DeCastro was a little more critical: "It kind of sucked, to be honest." | SF Chronicle

Shaw praised the play of center Sam Schwartzstein. | Mercury News

Check out who won the Great Western Uniform Bracket. Next up: Maryland? | The Daily Axe

Andrew Luck will be playing in North Carolina, but this isn't how Panthers fans envisioned it. | Charlotte Observer

Stanford moved up to sixth in the latest AP poll, with Oregon dropping to 13th. | ESPN