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Card Clicks: Big Game Review

Reading about Saturday's win hasn't gotten old.

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All the lovely totals, quotes and more from Saturday's 21-3 triumph in Big Game. | GoStanford

Hank recaps Saturday's beatdown. | Go Mighty Card

Thirty years later, the band was on the field and it was okay. | Stanford Daily

Wilner gives Cal a D- for Big Game. | College Hotline

The end has come for Jeff Tedford. | Pacific Takes

One list of bowl projections: Stanford to the Holiday Bowl. | ESPN

Jeannette Pohlen missed the final game with a torn ACL, but the Indiana Fever captured the WNBA title. | AP

Surprise, surprise, the coaches picked the Stanford women's basketball team to win the Pac-12. |

Dwight Powell looked good in Friday's Cardinal-White scrimmage. | SF Chronicle

The No. 2 Stanford women's volleyball team extended its winning streak to 16 games. | Stanford Daily

The No. 2 Cardinal women's soccer team closed out its regular season home schedule with a shutout of Washington. | GoStanford