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Card Clicks: Nunes Bounces Back

Josh Nunes quiets critics with strong showing against Arizona.

Jason O. Watson - Getty Images


Josh Nunes delivered the most inspiring performance by a Stanford QB since Tavita Pritchard led the upset of USC in 2007. | Joseph Beyda

The man Nunes replaced, Andrew Luck, led the Colts to a comeback win over Cal alum Andrew Rodgers and the Packers. | Indy Star

As Nunes has gone, so has Stanford. | AP

Make no mistake: this is Nunes' team. Hank recaps the wild win over Arizona. | Go Mighty Card

College GameDay will be in South Bend for Saturday's showdown with No. 7 Notre Dame. | SB Nation Chicago

The Cardinal opens as 9.5-point underdogs against the Fighting Irish. | Pacific Takes