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Pac-12 Picks: Week 11

A lot less agreement this week. Who do you have?

Doug Pensinger

Last week was another solid week, as the three of us all went 4-2. We were very, very wrong about Washington State and Arizona, two teams that combined to get outscored 115-16, but we were right otherwise, including sweeping our locks.

This week, we're a lot less unanimous. Let's see who comes out on top.

Here are our picks:

Colorado at Arizona (-29)

Jack: Arizona. Sorry, Buffs.

Jacob: Arizona. The Wildcats just got absolutely wrecked, and they'll likely be without their starting quarterback. But it's against Colorado, and I can't pick Colorado.

Scott: Arizona. I don't know how many points the favorite would have to give for me to consider picking Colorado, but it's a lot higher than 29.

Oregon State at Stanford (-4.5)

Jack: Stanford. Kevin Hogan's play was such a revelation last week that I think the Cardinal will be just fine in this one. Score: Stanford 28, Oregon State 21.

Jacob: Stanford. Two awfully similar teams: great defense, using backup quarterback, only loss is close road defeat at Washington. I think Stanford will be able to have more balance on offense, and the Cardinal defense will make some big plays to secure the win. Score: Stanford 24, Oregon State 13.

Scott: Stanford. #HogansHeroes > #BeaverJuice. Score: Stanford 24, Oregon State 13.

Arizona State at USC (-9)

Jack: USC. Just make sure they pump up their footballs this time and they should be fine.

Jacob: Arizona State. This is really tough for me, because USC could very well get angry and explode for a huge win, and I think ASU has been falling to Earth after a hot start. But I think it's too likely that the Trojans won't get up for this game, and the Sun Devils can keep it close.

Scott: USC. With or without deflated balls, 51 points should be enough for the Trojans to cover this week.

Oregon (-28) at Cal

Jack: Oregon. Obviously.

Jacob: Cal. Ok, there's no reason whatsoever Cal should make this close. This is my nonsensical pick of the week, but I just feel like the Bears could cover in this one. And as I'm saying this, I fully expect a 70-0 Oregon win.

Scott: Oregon. It's going to get ugly early in Berkeley.

Utah (-1) at Washington

Jack: Washington. The Huskies are much better at home, but they may be my least favorite team to bet on in this conference.

Jacob: Utah. I can't remember a game that I've gone back and forth on as much as this one. Washington has been great at home and Utah has been terrible on the road. But I think Utah is still a better team, and Washington just can't score (the Huskies haven't put up more than 21 points against an FBS team this year).

Scott: Washington. For no good reason other than the Huskies are at home.

UCLA (-16.5) at Washington State

Jack: UCLA. They shocked me last week, as did Wazzu's awful performance against Utah.

Jacob: UCLA. Wazzu was pitiful last week, and now the Cougars will be without their star wideout Marquess Wilson. This seems like a team in self-destruct mode.

Scott: Washington State. I'm obviously still not sold on UCLA.

Lock of the Week

Jack: USC. First time I pick for them this year, and I'm making them my lock. What has the world come to?

Jacob: Stanford. Very tough calls this week, and I wouldn't be surprised if my good-picking momentum goes down the drain this week. But my most confident pick is actually the Cardinal, and that's the most important game this week anyway.

Scott: Oregon. Don't save any points for next week, Ducks.

Bonus pick, courtesy of Scott... Jacob's go-to munchie: Cheese Puffs.

I'm never going to live this down.