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Andrew Luck is Fourth in April-May NFL Jersey Sales

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Andrew Luck's No. 12 was the fourth-hottest jersey from April 1-May 28, according to Fellow quarterbacks Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow and Robert Griffin III ranked 1-3 over the same period. Luck is the only one of the four to have a coaching position endowed in his honor.

The Pro Shop on the Colts' website might as well be endowed the Andrew Luck Shop. Jerseys, hats, something called the Andrew Luck My Crush shirt. The gem of the AL collection, though, can be had for $10. Behold the Andrew Luck Pennant.

Bring Andrew Luck home with this awesome, officially licensed Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck Pennant. Measures 12" x 30". This makes any wall stand out, and your friends will know you're a true Colts fan with this great Andrew Luck pennant!

Yes, your friends will know you're a true Colts fan--and maybe a little crazy--if you hang this in your home. The only thing that could make this better would be if the image of Luck were an old-school illustration instead of a photo. The NFL Shop hasn't released a list of the top-selling player pennants to my knowledge, but Luck's has to be at or near the top. I imagine Oliver Luck has one hanging in his office.