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Stanford vs. San Jose State Postgame Press Conference

A few choice quotes from last night's post-game press conference. Watch the full version above and hit the jump for on-field interviews with Stepfan Taylor, defensive player of the game Usua Amanam, Drew Terrell and Ed Reynolds.

Stepfan Taylor:
"We were close, but close will get you beat in a heartbeat. Close to getting a big run, close to getting a block, close to catching the ball, those things that we want to have, we want to be there, we want to excel. Out in practice, seeing us in training camp and in spring, we know we can play better than that."

Josh Nunes:
"We knew that they were probably going to have to stack the box to account for a lot of our stuff. We did have a few calculated shot plays that we had in there. They did a pretty good job of bailing out and taking away a lot of the deep stuff all night."

"Overall I'd say we were close to doing a lot of really good things tonight. Close doesn't always win football games. I felt like we were one guy away, or one good throw away from doing a lot of good things."

David Shaw:
"We played hard, we didn't play smart. We missed some critical blocks in short-yardage situations, which are unexcusable. [San Jose State] played very very well, they played extremely hard, Coach Mac's got a good team, he has very good coaches, and they played one heck of a game. When we needed it, our defense showed up."