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Pac-12 Picks: Week 4

Our panel is split on four of the five Pac-12 games this week. The only thing we can all agree on is that Colorado will fall on its face. Again.
Our panel is split on four of the five Pac-12 games this week. The only thing we can all agree on is that Colorado will fall on its face. Again.

No Stanford game this week, but Rule of Tree carries on with our Pac-12 picks.

Warning: there may actually be a correct Lock of the Week today.

As always, spreads come from SB Nation's odds page.

Oregon State at UCLA (-7.5)

Jack: Oregon State. If the Beavers can stop Montee Ball, they can stop Jonathan Franklin.

Jacob: UCLA. Beavers' W over Wisconsin doesn't look as incredible now, and I don't think they can score enough to keep up with UCLA.

Scott: UCLA. Oregon State's win over Wisconsin looks less and less impressive every week.

Colorado at Washington State (-20)

Jack: Washington State. All I can say for Colorado is this: :-(

Jacob: Washington State. I don't know if I'll ever pick Colorado again. On the road with "only" 20 points? No chance.

Scott: Washington State. September 19 was "Talk Like a Pirate Day." Today is "Lose Like a Buff Day." Which is to say, lose big. Really big.

Cal at USC (-16.5)

Jack: Cal. I bet Brandon Bigelow touches the ball many times on Saturday and the Bears put up a good fight.

Jacob: USC. Cal already had its "we're playing surprisingly well against a better team on the road" game. USC already had its implosion. Time to regress to the mean.

Scott: USC. I gotta go.

Utah at Arizona State (-6)

Jack: Utah. I'm low on Arizona State this year, and even though Utah has been all over the place lately, I think they can cover on the road.

Jacob: Arizona State. Still tough to tell what kind of team the Arizona State is after a close loss to Missouri, but we really don't know about Utah after losing to Utah State but beating BYU. I'll take the home team and the better offense.

Scott: Arizona State. Utah fans won't have to worry about celebrating prematurely in this one.

Arizona at Oregon (-21.5)

Jack: Oregon. Arizona has been really impressive, but I think the Ducks are about to show us they're scary good. If they lose this game, just blame it on the Sports Illustrated cover.

Jacob: Arizona. You just never know how Oregon is going to play as far as spreads are concerned, because they can usually cruise. Arizona should challenge the Ducks and actually score some points, so maybe Oregon will try harder and blow the Wildcats away. I just can't pass up a good 3-0 team with three touchdowns, especially against a team that's only won by 23 and 17 against two weaker FBS teams.

Scott: Oregon. The Wildcats could keep things interesting for a half, but that defense will have no answer for DAT.

Lock of the Week

Jack: Oregon State. I feel really good about that Oregon State pick. They showed me a lot against Wisconsin, and I think they can slow Franklin enough to make it really close.

Jacob: Washington State. My new plan is to make my lock whoever is playing Colorado. I just don't know if Vegas makes big enough spreads for this year's Buffaloes.

Scott: Washington State. Washington State -20 is my LOCK. OF. THE. YEAR.