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Four (Not So) Preposterous Predictions: Washington

Crazy things happen in every college football game. Will any of these happen tonight?

Stacy Revere - Getty Images

1. Washington will finish with negative rushing yards.

Why it's preposterous: C'mon, negative rushing yards? The Huskies put up 206 rushing yards last week against Portland State, and even in a blowout loss, Washington at least had 26 rushing yards against LSU.

Why it's not: Stanford is the best team in the nation at stopping the run, allowing just 41.3 rushing yards per game and under 2 yards per carry. Washington no longer has Chris Polk in the backfield, and it shows: the Huskies average only 3.3 yards per carry (109th in the nation) and 114 yards per game (104th). And remember, sacks count against rushing yards.

2. Keith Price will finish with fewer than 150 total yards.

Why it's preposterous: Even in last year's blowout, Price put up 237 total yards. He is one of the most talented quarterbacks in the nation and is elusive enough to buy himself extra time against the Stanford pass rush. Despite the 3-0 start, Stanford has given up 276 passing yards per game, and Washington figures to throw the ball a lot.

Why it's not: Price hasn't been his usual self this year, averaging only 180 yards per game. LSU held him to 133 total yards earlier this year. Stanford figures to run the ball and limit the number of possessions the Huskies get, and the Stanford defense has been on a roll of late.

3. Stepfan Taylor will score more touchdowns than Washington.

Why it's preposterous: Taylor has four touchdowns in three games, and since 2010, he has as many games with zero touchdowns as he does with multiple touchdowns. Meanwhile, Washington tied a school record with 45 points in the first half of its last game.

Why it's not: In the last two meetings between Stanford and Washington, Taylor has three touchdowns and so do the Huskies. Washington has faced only one good defense so far, and that defense (LSU) held the Huskies to three points. Taylor has been the focal point of the Cardinal offense this year, and Washington has struggled stopping the run, ranking 11th of 12 Pac-12 teams.

4. Stanford will win by more than three touchdowns.

Why it's preposterous: Stanford is only favored by one touchdown. Washington has won 10 of its past 11 home games, with the lone loss a 17-point defeat to Oregon. The Cardinal has only won one game by more than one touchdown this season, and this is Stanford's first road trip of the year. And yes, the Cardinal is facing the Blackout of the Century.

Why it's not: Stanford has won its last three games against Washington by margins of 44, 41, and 20. The Cardinal has not lost at Washington since 2003, so Stanford is unlikely to be intimidated. Washington has lost eight of its past nine games against ranked teams, and every loss has been by double digits.