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Pac-12 Picks: Week 2


We'll get these up earlier in future weeks -- Note: Don't make any friendly wagers on Utah today -- but here's how we picked this week's Pac-12 games ATS, using the opening lines from here.


Utah (-7) at Utah State
Jack: Utah
Jacob: Utah
Scott: Utah


USC (-25.5) at Syracuse
Jack: USC
Jacob: USC
Scott: Syracuse

Wisconsin (-8) at Oregon State
Jack: Wisconsin
Jacob: Wisconsin
Scott: Wisconsin

Fresno State at Oregon (-33.5)
Jack: Oregon - Did you see Oregon last week?
Jacob: Oregon
Scott: Oregon

Washington at LSU (-23)
Jack: Washington - LSU will still win easily, though.
Jacob: LSU
Scott: LSU

Nebraska (-4.5) at UCLA
Jack: Nebraska
Jacob: Nebraska
Scott: Nebraska

Duke at Stanford (-14)
Jack: Stanford - Although CBS Sports' Tony Barnhardt doesn't think so.
Jacob: Stanford
Scott: Stanford

Illinois at Arizona State (-5.5)
Jack: Arizona State
Jacob: Arizona State
Scott: Arizona State

Oklahoma State (-11) at Arizona
Jack: Arizona
Jacob: Oklahoma State
Scott: Arizona

Lock of the Week:
Jack: Nebraska - Oregon over Fresno doesn't count, right? I'll pick Nebraska as a lock over UCLA, then. After the Bruins nearly fell apart in the second half last week, I feel pretty safe saying that the Huskers should handle this one.
Jacob: Utah
Scott: Wisconsin