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Notre Dame vs Stanford: Cardinal Coach David Shaw Press Conference

Coach David Shaw spoke to the press in his weekly conference ahead of the Notre Dame game this Saturday.

In Stanford football injury news: Fullback Daniel Marx is out for the year, Senior Chris Harrell #82 will start in his spot. Cornerback Ronnie Harris continues to improve but is still about 50/50 according to Shaw. Cornerback Alijah Holder was "banged up" according to Shaw, but the staff is hopeful he will play against Notre Dame.

Other quotes:

"When they need to score, they score. When they need to stop the offense on defense they stop them and that's what this defense has been able to do."

"Our job this week is to play better than the last time we played those guys"

When asked if a big game at the end of the year could help one's Heisman chances Shaw responded with:


When asked if the Notre Dame game helped Toby Gerhart's Heisman chances coach Shaw expanded his answer:


Coach Shaw clearly enjoyed this particular exchange and then proceeded to speak about his favorite Toby Gerhart moments.

Watch Christian #WildCaff McCaffrey address the media.

Linebacker Kevin Anderson also spoke to the media