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Stanford at 7 in the next-to-final College Football Playoff rankings

Stanford is not totally out of the race yet, but the Cardinal will need a win and some help on Saturday.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The top five remain unchanged from last week With Clemson at 1, Alabama at 2, Oklahoma 3, Iowa 4, and Michigan State at 5. With Baylor and Notre Dame going down (Thank you Conrad Ukropina) Stanford jumps to number 7 and Ohio State, who will not be playing this weekend, lands at number 6.

Barring any upsets the four teams in the playoff seem locked in. Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma and the Big 10 Champion will in all likelihood head to the playoffs unless the Tar Heels and/or the Gators can can cause introduce a little anarchy. Clemson will be playing in the ACC Championship game against North Carolina at 5pm pacific on ABC. Alabama will be playing in the SEC Championship game against Florida at 1pm pacific on CBS.

Other notable Stanford opponents in the rankings are Notre Dame at number 8, Northwestern at 14, Oregon at 16 and Stanford's once and future opponent USC climbing all the way to number 20.

The Stanford Cardinal and USC Trojans will compete on Saturday for the Pac-12 Championship at 4:45pm Pacific on ESPN.

The Full rankings are below: