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2015 Heisman Trophy Discussion with Mark Rogers TV

For more great college football coverage with the best bloggers from the around country check out Mark Rogers TV on youtube.

A snippet from Pac-12 Breakdown Episode 16 we were asked asked to set down our Pac 12 hats, Don King of, Nick Dempsey of Rule of Tree and Conquest Chronicles and Shane Roberts from Block U joined MarkRogersTV to review the Heisman candidates and select a rightful winner.

Also be sure to check out yesterday's episode of Cardinal CounTree with your host Matt Vassar.

"In this edition of Cardinal CounTree, Matt Vassar discusses why Christian McCaffrey is the underdog to Derrick Henry for the Heisman Trophy tomorrow night, and even despite having a better season than anybody else in college football. He covers the Heisman campaigns of both Christian McCaffrey and Derrick Henry, and completely demolishes any argument for why Derrick Henry should win the Heisman.

Get in the CounTree. Click below to listen to Cardinal CounTree."

From: "Breaking The Barriers: McCaffrey's Road to the Heisman"

"In an interview with Jim Rome, David Shaw went on to say that Christian McCaffrey is the best player in the country without a doubt and he excels in whatever he does. The average football fan would probably agree with Shaw as McCaffrey has topped many with his explosiveness, speed, play-making ability, and character all wrapped in a six-foot 200-pound frame. All this comes within a running back that doesn't have the skin tone of Adrian Peterson, the name Marshawn Lynch, nor the "swag" of Devin Hester, this is Christian McCaffrey: Your go to back for a big play and more."