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Stanford Cardinal Coach David Shaw staying out of the national spotlight

David Shaw has created tremendous success at Stanford.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Coach David Shaw has somehow managed to stay out of the national spotlight during his coaching career at Stanford. I'm not entirely sure how he is rarely mentioned in the same breath as Nick Saban or Urban Meyer. Obviously the case can be made that unlike the last two coaches mentioned, coach Shaw doesn't have a National Championship to brag about.

Despite his lack of national championships, David Shaw's accomplishments with Stanford are incredible. His record with the team to date is 52-14. He has helped the Cardinal capture two PAC-12 Championships, and are well en route to another. When Jim Harbaugh departed for the NFL, critics nationwide were convinced Stanford would fall back into irrelevancy, but Shaw had other ideas in mind.

Now the 2015 PAC-12 Co-Coach of the Year, David Shaw serves as incentive for top-level recruits to commit to Stanford. One would surmise that the NFL will come knocking soon offering him a job. Today there are about 5 teams I can think of that could use his coaching acumen (I'm looking at you, 49ers.)

It is not often that a coach as talented as David Shaw remains away from the pros for a lengthy amount of time. He clearly enjoys being the man at the helm for the Cardinal, but it wouldn't shock me at all if an NFL franchise enticed him with the right looking pay increase and other tempting incentives. Lets just appreciate what he has done for the University thus far, and enjoy watching him continue his successful tenure.