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Wayne Lyons Transfer Rumors: Wayne Lyons' Mother is a Staffer at Michigan

The rumors that Stanford cornerback Wayne Lyons may be transferring to Michigan just picked up more steam.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Stanford cornerback Wayne Lyons is reportedly considering transferring to Michigan. Those rumors picked up some momentum  a couple of days ago when it was announced that Wayne Lyons' mother Gwendolyn Bush is a staffer at the University of Michigan's Athletic Department.


"Lyons' mother, Gwendolyn Bush, appears in the school's directory as an athletics player development staffer. Michigan's football program had been looking for a director of player development. The DPP job was one of several new positions created by Harbaugh, including the recruiting operations coordinator (Chris Partridge), senior offensive analyst (T.J. Weist) and senior defensive analyst (TBD).

Typically, a director of player development helps coordinate off-field activities for players, and helps them balance football, academics and other responsibilities throughout each year. Per her LinkedIn page, Bush was formerly an teacher/administrator in the Broward County Public School system in Florida."

Wayne Lyons mother confirmed the move on Twitter:

From Jack Blanchat about Lyons:

"Lyons was a highly regarded prospect coming out of high school - he was the 6th-best safety prospect in the nation - but his college career thus far has been more average than stellar. If this is indeed Lyons' final year at Stanford, perhaps he is looking for a starting opportunity after being forced to split time at cornerback this fall. Under first-year defensive backs coach Duane Akina, Lyons appeared to grow as a player, but some costly lapses may have forced Akina to restrict his playing time.

Stanford also added a recruiting class that touted four new defensive back prospects, some of whom would likely compete with Lyons for playing time this fall."

Transferring to Michigan would afford Lyons plenty of playing time, and living in the same town as your mother (as opposed to a continent away) is certainly appealing. It is important to note, however, that this is all still rumor and speculation and we still do not have confirmation about Wayne Lyons' plans for next season.