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2015 NFL Draft: Alex Carter Drafted by the Detroit Lions

Alex Carter selected in the 3rd round, 80th overall by the Detroit Lions

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

As the NFL progresses and gets older there is one aspect of the game that has not changed, the importance of a good coverage CB. Alex Carter has the "NFL type" measurables being 6'0" and 196-lbs, with good size Carter could become a corner not to be trifled with. In today's day and age, the NFL thirsts for tall physical corners such as a Richard Sherman or Jimmy Smith. Carter embodies the size and strength to play in the league, which is vastly needed against these new wave of tall WRs.

With the 80th overall pick the Detroit Lions selected Alex Carter. The Lions were the 4th overall defense in the NFL, so Alex can learn from a good defensive coach in Teryl Austin. With a veteran such as Rashean Mathis, Carter will not start right away, but he will be able to learn from Mathis and reach his potential. Right now I see Carter as a 3rd string and running with the 2nd team just because the Lions already have a plethora of CBs.

In the future I can see Carter being switched to a safety because his speed is not up to par. He is more of an "inside" type of corner, which means he could either play safety or be a slot corner. Carter would be a good safety because of his size, strength and his ability to aggressively tackle an incoming receiver. Also Carter has great field awareness in which allows him to sit back in left field and create some interceptions. Overall Alex Carter is a solid pick for the Lions and a great situation for Carter to be in.

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