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2015 NFL Draft: Green Bay Packers Select Ty Montgomery

The Packers selected Ty Montgomery in the 3rd round at the 94th pick overall of the 2015 NFL Draft

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Ty Montgomery, one of the key pieces of the Stanford offense was selected late in the 3rd round of the NFL draft. The Green Bay Packers selected Ty Montgomery 94th overall.

Montgomery struggled in key pre-draft events which may have hurt his draft stock. Ty Montgomery was the 13th wide receiver selected.

Our friends from the SB Nation Green Bay Packers blog offered this analysis of Ty Montgomery:

"Strengths: Built like an NFL-ready wide receiver. His foot quickness to create separation on short to intermediate routes is impressive. Displays good lateral movement and balance with the ball in his hands. Scouts believe he can be a Pro Bowl returner. Scored four times over last two seasons as a returner at Stanford. Strong personal character and considered an "accountable teammate" by coaching staff.

Weaknesses:Doesn't display natural wide receiver characteristics and needs more than just polish with routes and must incorporate route diversity at some point. Extremely suspect hands with 16 drops and three fumbles over his last three seasons. His body of work as a receiver hasn't matched his physical potential and only has one season of significant touchdown production.

Overview: Montgomery is a likable person with high character. His hands might not be trustworthy enough to be part of a three-wide-receiver set, but he can flip fields and change games with his ability in the return game and might be best-utilized in a dynamic, open-minded offensive system that gets the ball in his hands quickly and allows him to use his run after catch talents.

NFL Comparison: Cordarrelle Patterson"

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