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Stanford Football 2015: 75 Reasons for 75 Days until Kickoff to Get You Ready for Stanford Football

Football season is still a ways off, but here is something to help get us through the rest of the summer

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

1) Stanford football is back!!! Nothing can top that.
2) Did I mention that STANFORD....FOOTBALL....IS B.A.C.K.

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3) Stanford is trying to win its 3rd Pac-12 title in 4 years
4) Incoming Freshman (I'm looking at you Jake Bailey and you Trent Irwin)

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5) Running Back/Wide Receiver Christian McCaffrey has enough electricity to make Benjamin Franklin jealous.
6) Stanford will look to keep "The Axe" on The Farm for a 6th consecutive year. 1 shy of the Big Game record. ... Yes, we own that too.
7) The last season EVER for a Stanford football player to wear #7. Former 5-Star recruit, Aziz Shittu looks to overcome a serious injury and regain his dominance on the defensive line.
8) HULKAMANIA!!! Kevin Hogan is trying to become the greatest statistical quarterback in history of the program.... Remember Josh Nunes beat him out once upon a time.
9) The amount of times Stanford entered the USC #35 yard line. Stanford lost 13-10. #BeatSC2015
10) Stanford's 10th game of the year is a home game vs Oregon. The winner of that game has gone on to win the conference every year since 2010.
11) The amount of possessions Stanford had in regulation vs Utah. They only scored 7 points and ended up losing 20-17 in 2OT.
12) Coming off a bowl win to end the 2014 season, Stanford now has 12 postseason wins throughout the history of the program.

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13) Rollins Stallworth aka King of the Fade Pattern
14) Since 2010, Stanford has had 31 games where the defense has given up 14 points or less. Stanford is 30-1 in those games.
15) A perfect season for Stanford would require 15 wins. 12 in the regular season, 1 win in the conference title game, and 2 in the College Football Playoff.
16) The difference in the loss to Arizona St. That same ASU team gave up 62 to UCLA.
17) "The Walk"
18) The band is back! Although only for home games....
19) 19 years ago, Stanford beat Cal, Oregon, UCLA and USC all in the same season. It has only happened 2 times since and it would need to be done a 3rd time to guarantee a spot in the conference title game.
20) 20 recruits from the class of 2014 have officially had a full year under the Shannon Turley Project and a year to develop their skills. Solomon Thomas looks to be one of the key recruits who redshirted last season to become a significant member of the team.

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21) Saturday November 21st.... The MOST IMPORTANT GAME OF EVERY SEASON
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22) 22 incoming freshman who were a part of a top-25 recruiting class.

23) THE TREE!!!
24) Kevin Hogan enters his senior year with 24 wins. 8 wins would break the school record by some guy named Andrew Luck
25) Scott Frost's infamous "ANNNNDDDD NOOOWWWW"
26) Can Barry Sanders finally deliver on the big stage?
27) Can Stanford replace Free Safety Zach Hoffpauir who will leave Stanford for the MLB?
28) #28 Denzel Franklin is a potential candidate to replace Hoffpauir
29) Or former quarterback Dallas Lloyd....
30) During the David Shaw era, Stanford has scored 30 or more points 30 times.
31) Stanford Tailgates
32) Because it's the only Bay Area football team that wins although De La Salle High School has a recruiting edge
33) Condoleezza Rice
34) Did I mention Condi FREAKIN Rice!!!

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35) The return of Fullback Daniel Marx. The last time we saw him, he got stuffed against USC in a critical goal-line stop. How will he respond?
36) No more Jordan Williamson... (YES, that works both ways.) Some people may miss him... WINK WINK
37) Over the last 15 years, Stanford is 60-3 when scoring 37 points or more.
38) During that same period, Stanford is 7-32 when giving up 37 points or more.
39) There will probably be a Richard Sherman sighting
40) 40 years ago, Stanford traveled to Ann Arbor to face #2 Michigan and tied. At the time, it was a huge upset. Can you imagine if Stanford were to travel to Ann Arbor now?! I wish you were still in San Francisco Jim.
41) I miss the players running out of giant helmet. Do I need to ask John Arrillaga to help me get this back or what?
42) The amount of wins Coach Shaw has heading into the 2015 season.
43) The amount of wins Coach Shaw better have after week 1.
44) Lance "the dance" Anderson is a recruiting guru.
45) #4 Blake Martinez and #5 Christian McCaffrey should be the 2 household names not named Kevin Hogan by November.
46) The student-section... Stanford used to have what I called "the last neutral site in the Pac-10". There were hardly any students and those who did show weren't very loud. Now, the program has grown into its "Nerd Nation" and the students are louder than ever.
47) The amount of times Cal quarterback Jared Goff will probably throw it per game.
48) Kevin Anderson.... Check out his 2014 Rose Bowl.
49) The amount of times Cal quarterback will probably get hit per game.
50) Stanford will score 50 at least 3 times this season

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51) Stanford beat Oregon 51-42 in 2009.... The media may favor Oregon but since 2009, Stanford is actually 3-3 against their North rivals.
52) Speaking of Oregon, how bout them Buckeyes?

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53) Since the Stanford-Notre Dame game is played at Stanford this year, there won't be any foreign whistles or magical girlfriends playing against us.
54) Stanford had a 6 game period in 2014 where it allowed only 54 points. That's an average of 9 points per game
55) In 1955, Stanford shut out 8th ranked Ohio State 6-0 and Cal 19-0.
56) Stanford in a down year scored 140 more points than its opponents.
57) David Shaw's career wins after a dream season.
58) Stanford plays Arizona for the first time since 2012. Stanford hasn't scored less than 37 against U of A since 2008 and only 3 times in the last 10 years has the winner of the game won by more than 6.
59) If Kevin Hogan has a mediocre year like 2014, he could still pass Andrew Luck for 2nd in career passing yards.
60) Kevin Hogan needs only 35 touchdown passes to break Andrew Luck's record of 82 in a career.
61) College football as a whole is a great. When Stanford isn't playing, there's still a billion other great games to watch
62) College Gameday
63) 2 years ago, Stanford beat Cal by scoring 63 points.

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64) "All Right Now"
65) Our players have REAL majors. I'm not criticizing other programs but just making a case that Engineering is a little bit more of a challenge than finger-painting and dance.
66) Harrison Phillips
67) The Play. As a Stanford person, it doesn't bother me anymore. Enjoy it. As the saying goes SH** HAPPENS.

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68) Hoover Tower
69) Homecoming Weekend
70) The amount of Tight Ends on our depth chart
71) Rose Bowl Championship 1971
72) Rose Bowl Championship 1972
73) One of the football players who are Pre-Med have probably found a cure of some sort while I was writing this.
74) There isn't another college like Stanford ANYWHERE on the planet
75) Just like the game of football itself, there aren't any more words to be said. It's time to go see who wants it more. Go Stanford.