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Women’s World Cup Final: Stanford Alums aid US team to victory

Stanford Alums Kelley O'Hara and Christen Press are World Cup Champions

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Stanford continued its impressive string of dominance in women's soccer when Kelley O'Hara and Christen Press helped the United States' women's national team win the World Cup on Sunday. The United States defeated Japan 5-2.

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Having a Stanford Alumnae on the US team may just be the secret to victory. According to Stanford Athletics:

"Stanford alumnae have been part of every major U.S. championship, with at least one player on teams that won World Cup titles in 1991, 1999, and 2015, and Olympic titles in 1996, 2004, 2008, and 2012."

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O'Hara and Press both scored goals in the 2015 World Cup both of which were crucial in victories over Germany and Australia. 5 Stanford Alums in total competed in the event.

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More from Stanford Athletics:

"O'Hara entered as a substitute for Megan Rapinoe in the 61st minute and helped the U.S. finish out the victory. O'Hara and Press, who played four matches, each scored a goal during the tournament.

The 24-team event included five former Stanford players. Besides O'Hara and Press, Ali Riley played for New Zealand, and Alina Garciamendez and Teresa Noyola were with Mexico. All were teammates on Stanford's 2009 team that went 25-1, won the Pac-10, and reached the school's first NCAA final."

Go Stanford!

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