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Christian McCaffrey is beating Iowa in every conceivable fashion

How did this guy not win the Heisman Trophy again?

He's done it again.

With a 75-yard receiving touchdown on the game's first very play already under his belt, Cardinal star (and Heisman snub) Christian McCaffrey took a punt early in the second quarter of the 2016 Rose Bowl all the way back 63 yards to put Stanford up 28-0.

In a contest that's felt over from early in the first quarter, the Cardinal already had scored through the air (McCaffrey's catch and run), on the ground (an eight-yard scamper by QB Kevin Hogan), and defensively (on a pick-six by corner Quenton Meeks). After McCaffrey caught and ran back this punt, you can add special teams to the ways David Shaw's bunch has put the hurt on the Big Ten runners up.

It's scary to think that McCaffrey is but a true sophomore. Perhaps the best is yet to come, not just for the Cardinal star, but next year's team as well.