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Stanford scored on Iowa on a crazy play where they fumbled on purpose


Stanford may have felt confident heading into the Rose Bowl showdown against Iowa, but perhaps only the most optimistic Cardinal fan expected such a total and complete beatdown so early in the game. Leading 28-0 and threatening to push the margin even more, Kevin Hogan and company scored a touchdown in one of the most unlikely and brazen ways.

They scored off a fake fumble. No, seriously.

After freezing the defense by pretending to fumble the ball, Kevin Hogan uncorked a beautiful and completely open bomb to Michael Rector for a 31 yard score. It didn't break any rules, unlike the famous Fumblerooski, even though it may be a spiritual successor.

So yes, the coach that the internet made fun of for being too conservative just opened up the game thanks to a dang fake fumble. How do you like David Shaw now?