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David Shaw Post Game Press Conference: The importance of keeping things in perspective and getting back to work

Coach Shaw addressed the media immediately following the Stanford loss to Washington

Stanford v Washington Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Immediately following the 44-6 loss to Washington, Stanford coach David Shaw addressed the media about what happened in the game and the importance of perspective. Shaw’s explanation of what happened on Friday night was quite simple, Stanford just did not play well. The Cardinal did not block well, the running game was stifled and the offense could not consistently complete passes.

Shaw did not blame the loss on injuries, particularly in the secondary, he also did not blame it on crowd noise, Washington playing more physical, nor losing their poise. Shaw said that the team that beat UCLA last week, and the team he saw all week in practice was not the team that showed up in Seattle to play the Huskies.

Unsurprisingly Shaw kept his answers short and not entirely illuminating but he did elaborate on the importance of keeping things in perspective:

“I will be in the minority here, but this is game four, we’re 3-1, right? Now, I’m going to be attacked and that’s fine, I”m used to it. I can handle it. It’s not a big a deal, but we’re going to get attacked like we’re 0-12 already. But that’s college football now, right? That’s college football. Everbody’s going to talk about the playoff, going to talk about the postseason awards, they’re going to talk about all those other things. We’re going to get back, we got an extra day to recover and we’re going to talk about Washington State. There was a huge overreaction after we did not play well and lost to Northwestern last year. It is really, really hard, particularly in our conference, to go undefeated. It’s a hard thing to do, I think Oregon did it a while ago, that is a hard thing to do. So, we’re not going to give up on us, others may, that’s fine. We’re going to go back to work, thankfully we’ve got an extra day, we’re going to get some guys healthy, hopefully, get some guys rested, get back and hopefully have some nice home cooking next weekend.”

Coach Shaw then continued on the next question:

“Now, the good teams can take one on the chin, dust yourself off, go back to what you know, go back to what you’re good at, and play better the next week, and hopefully start a nice winning streak next week. We’re not going to get too low after this one just like we try not to get too high after last week. We’ve got a lot of football left to play. We’ll fade to the background on the national scene, which is fine by me, but it’s one loss and we’re going to go back to work.”

You can watch the full video below:

Postgame press conference (UW)

Postgame press conference with David Shaw. #GoStanford

Posted by Stanford Football on Friday, September 30, 2016

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