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PAC-12 Power Rankings, week 7

How the PAC-12 looks after week seven

Washington v Oregon Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images
  1. Washington- After the bye week no reason to move them. Still the best team in the conference. Dangerous because they are the most complete team on offense and defense.
  2. Utah- After another close game, Utah advances to 6-1. They were able to escape what would have been a crippling loss to Oregon State. They ended up pulling out an ugly 19-14 win to get to the top of the south division.
  3. Colorado- They dominated Arizona State and kept an explosive offense to just 16 points. Now with Stanford on the docket next and a game behind Utah, it is a race for the south. Colorado’s offense is ranked fourth overall in the country with 39 points a game. They also average 300.4 passing yards and 214.6 rushing yards a game. They boast the highest ranked total offensive attack in the PAC-12. Now they need to finish out the season.
  4. Washington State- They showed up Stanford. Then they weathered the UCLA defense. Now it is time to take Luke Falk and the Cougars seriously. They are the only team outside the Huskies with a perfect conference record and have been running through the PAC-12 thus far. November 25th, week 13 is when the Cougars and Huskies meet, circle that one on the calendar.
  5. USC- I am officially on the Sam Darnold bandwagon as he led the Trojans to a 48-14 win over Arizona. He had 235 yards and five touchdowns in the winning effort. With Darnold at the helm USC has gone 3-1. While football is a team sport and rarely comes down to one player, he has really turned around this program. Look for him to keep this team in winning form.
  6. Stanford- While they did win this week in a close 17-10 face off on the road in Notre Dame, there are still a lot of problems for the Cardinal. The most glaring is the inability to finish drives and put up points. They rank 128th in the country in overall offense, scoring a meager 19 points a game. In a conference with eight teams in the top 40 in overall offense, they need to figure out a way to score more points. It is just that simple.
  7. California- This team has one of the best quarterbacks in the country in Davis Webb and they need every bit of his talent. He has a favorable matchup coming off the Bye against the Ducks, who have a defense very committed to making every quarterback that faces them look like a Heisman contender.
  8. Arizona State- While they still have one of the top records in the conference, the defense is starting to take its toll on the Sun Devils. They are getting into the heavy part of their schedule and most of these teams are perfectly willing to play the shootout game and bet on their defense. Since the Sun Devils cannot depend on theirs, this puts them in a severe disadvantage. Look for them to continue to slide.
  9. UCLA- This team just does not have enough around Josh Rosen to win four quarters of a football game. They have a great quarterback, a solid secondary and fast receivers. However, that is not enough to win a conference, just play spoiler to other teams.
  10. Oregon State- The Beavers had a solid game plan against Utah and played physical the entirety of the contest. They just do not have enough studs to play with the top of the conference for 60 minutes. Great game, missed it by that much.
  11. Arizona- The poor Wildcats are burning through quarterbacks and can only come up with how much they miss Anu Solomon. They can not muster a passing attack and can only hope to keep games close. The defense is good enough to make a few stops, not compensate for a missing starting quarterback.
  12. Oregon- It was a bye week for the Ducks, so maybe nobody ran over the defense this week. With Cal this weekend that ends quickly. The mascot is dangerously close to going from inspiring uniforms, to playing corner.