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Christian McCaffrey just swung the betting line by 3 full points

Turns out that having the greatest player in college football makes a difference. Who would've thought?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

How big a difference does Christian McCaffrey make to Stanford's team? The betting line swung three full points in Stanford's favor after news broke that Christian McCaffrey and Alijah Holder would return to play. Within mere minutes of the news, Stanford went from a one-point underdog to a two-point favorite against Colorado.

Christian McCaffrey has certainly been everything for Stanford over the past two seasons, whether rushing, receiving, returning kicks, or even throwing touchdown passes.

Christian McCaffrey's 5,601 career all-purpose yards ranks him third-best of all-time from a Stanford player. If he has a big game against Colorado and picks up 256 all-purpose yards, he will pass second-place Glyn Milburn (5,857).