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David Shaw Post Game Press Conference following Stanford’s loss to Colorado

David Shaw was clearly frustrated following the game

NCAA Football: Colorado at Stanford Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

“Our fans deserve better, our defense deserves better”

-David Shaw

A noticeably frustrated David Shaw stood at the podium and praised his defense and the defensive coaching staff for all of the amazing things they accomplished against the Colorado Buffaloes. When Shaw turned his attention to the offense, however, he did not have much to say in the way of praise but was rather blunt.

Shaw skipped his normal description of the situation which is to say that the offense did not play well. Instead, Shaw came right out and said the offense was bad, and that he would not address making replacements but he did say the offensive coaching staff were going to get together and figure out the best way to move forward and get the team ready for next Saturday.

Shaw was asked specifically about his thinking during the 8 play QB switch. The reporter used the word confused at which point Coach Shaw sternly cut him off before the question could be finished.

“Who looked confuse, Tom? How do you evaluate if a team looks confused? Is that confused? Or is that just bad offense? We looked bad. We’re not confused. We had penalties. We had multiple big plays called back, two off the top of my head called back because of penalties. That’s not confused, that’s poor execution, that’s poor hand placement, that’s inefficiency that’s been plaguing us the entire year. We’re not confused, we got to be better. We’ve got to find a way to make the guys on the field be better or we put other guys on the field.”

Shaw also spoke about how the offense in spots looked good but they continued to shoot themselves in the foot and move backwards. Shaw said that good teams rarely put themselves in these positions and when they do they find a way to dig out of them. He also repeatedly stressed consistency is essential and that good teams and good players are consistent but that the Stanford offense just does not have that consistency.

Another point of frustration for Shaw is that during the week of preparation leading up to the Colorado game the offense had a fantastic week of practice but that offense did not show up on the field today. Shaw said it is on the coaching staff to figure out how to get the Stanford offense that shows up in practice to show up on game day.

Shaw was asked about the 4th and 8 situation when there was clearly defensive pass interference but no call. Shaw would not say what explanation was given to him by the officials. Shaw did not come right out and explicitly say the refs got it wrong but he did say that the explanation was inconsequential to him according to Shaw because what he saw was a ton of contact with the ball in the air.

You can watch the full press conference below:

Stanford Football Press Conference

Stanford Football Press Conference with David Shaw.

Stanford Football 貼上了 2016年10月22日

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