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Stanford’s Offense Heart of the Loss to Colorado

The Cardinal continues to struggle offensively in loss

Colorado v Stanford Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Four years ago if someone said Stanford loses to Colorado 10-5, they would have been cast out of society. But The Cardinal have made it possible with some horrendous offense against Colorado, an offense that turned the ball over four times on the day and managed three points in 60 minutes of play.

Buckle up folks, because this is going to be a long season for the Cardinal because they are in a conference where teams look to run up the score. This offensive line struggles and does not roll over teams. Ryan Burns is not the quarterback they were hoping for and he is working with a group of receivers that struggle to get any separation. The running game gets choked out because it is one of the only things that actually works for the offense so opposing defenses key in on it.

On defense the secondary is really talented and it showed as they held an explosive Colorado passing game to just 135 yards. The combination of Meeks, Reid, Hoffpauir and Holder has been great, but has failed to stay healthy. Now Holder and Reid will likely be out this coming week, weakening the best part of this defense. Not that it matters too much when the defensive front gets run over for 224 rushing yards.

The biggest problem in this game was that Stanford forced the game into a ground and pound style, what they traditionally would have wanted, but they still lost. They were beat on the ground and their offense failed to do anything except turn the ball over. This team was built to win in the trenches, but are failing to do so and do not have the personnel to change the teams identity. Be prepared for some long games.

On the other side Colorado did the one thing we have not seen from them, change their game plan. When Stanford held the passing game in check they simply leaned on their running game, which plowed forward for 224 yards and put the team in position to win.

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