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Keller Chryst Named Stanford's Starting QB

Faced with a sputtering offense, David Shaw is making a change in the most important position...

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Keller Chryst will start as quarterback against Arizona. Coach David Shaw announced that "we need more production in that [quarterback] position."

Just last season, the Stanford offense led by Kevin Hogan was best in the Pac-12 for points scored per game in conference, at 40.9 points/game. The offense went from first to worst once Ryan Burns took over, and is currently producing only 15.2 points/games in the first five conference games.

Although Chryst was once recruited as the top pocket passer in the country, it's not yet clear whether Chryst will represent an improvement over Burns. Chryst played in every game this season except for USC, and is currently only 7-for-18 with an interception and a 57.2 QBR.

"It would be really easy if it were just the quarterback," Shaw said.