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Looking at the history of Stanford and Arizona

How these teams have matched up over previous seasons

Arizona v Stanford Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

Stanford takes on Arizona this weekend in a matchup that the Cardinal has recently dominated with a 4-0 run since 2010 against the Wildcats. This also is one of the last best shots Stanford has at a win left this season. Let’s be honest they are going to be hard pressed to play with the offenses of Cal and Oregon and their defense cannot be relied upon to completely win games on their own.

Stanford comes into this game at 4-3 having lost 3 of their last 4 games. Arizona comes in 2-5 off a bye week but on a 4-game losing streak. Last season Stanford handed the Wildcats the worst defeat in program history by a score of 55-17. However, the four games leading up to Stanford’s streak were decided by a combined 10 points.

Before that the last blowout win happened in 2000, when Arizona beat Stanford 27-3. The point is, despite the problems both these programs have faced throughout the year they should show up and play tough against each other. This will be a game to watch despite the records of the participants. Now Stanford rolls into the Wildcats turf to see if they can improve to 16-14 in the series and keep Arizona from evening the schools records to 15 apiece. In a weekend of great PAC-12 games, this should be one you plan on watching.

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