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PAC-12 Power Rankings, week 5

How the PAC-12 conference shakes out after five weeks

NCAA Football: Stanford at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Washington- Could it really be anyone else? Jake Browning looked great, dicing up he Stanford secondary for 210 yards and three touchdowns while his running back duo of Myles Gaskin and Lavon Coleman combined for 174 yards and three touchdowns. Both sides of their line really impressed and rolled over Stanford, who is known for their upper level linemen play. Right now, this team is the one real shot the PAC-12 has of sending a team to the playoffs.
  2. Colorado- They have played really well all year and did not take the week off when playing a sub par opponent in Oregon State. Steven Montez has been solid at quarterback and their defense remains stout. I put them above Stanford because when they played a top 10 opponent, they did not melt in the spotlight.
  3. Stanford- They looked atrocious against Washington and could not do much of anything offensively. They especially were dominated in the trenches, the spot on the field they are supposed to be good at. That said, they were missing their top two cornerbacks and they still have the best offensive player in college football. The question going forward is can they properly utilize Christian McCaffrey going forward.
  4. California- They have the best quarterback in the conference in Davis Webb who already has amassed 2,143 yards and 22 touchdowns through the air. What has not been up to snuff until their game against Utah was the defense and offensive line. The offensive line was sturdy enough to get Webb four passing touchdowns. On the other side the defense held strong for seven plays inside the five to clinch the game.
  5. Utah- While they did drop the game to Cal which they had right on the goal line, literally, they still ran the ball for 176 yards and three touchdowns. Troy Williams also still performed well, throwing for 266 yards and no picks. If they don't drop anymore games, they can still run the table for their side of the conference.
  6. UCLA- This is the game we all wanted to see from Josh Rosen, finally he played like we thought he would be playing all season. It was a tight game early, the run game was stalling and inconsistent all game. It was on his shoulders and he delivered a 350 yard, three touchdown passing performance. Hopefully for UCLA this Rosen stays around the rest of the season.
  7. Washington State- USC- Arizona State- What the heck happened this week for these teams? Arizona State couldn't manage enough protection for Wilkins to get this explosive offense going against a USC team that had previously failed to get it together all season. Washington State has been unimpressive till rolling over Oregon 51-33. They ran Jamal Morrow and James Williams ran for a combined 213 yards and four touchdowns. Quarterback Luke Falk threw for 371 yards and a touchdown. Where did that come from? Then we have USC. Is Sam Darnold the man who is going to save this program? He passed for 352 yards and three touchdowns. He also helped open the run game up for Justin Davis, who tore off 123 yards and a touchdown. Are these teams for real? Has USC and Washington State been goofing around for four weeks? Is Arizona State done winning since they played well four consecutive times?
  8. Oregon- They have really fallen off a cliff. Royce Freeman comes back, rushes for 138 and three touchdowns, and they can't manage a win. Somehow the, what is apparently explosive, Washington State offense was far too much for the thing the Ducks pass off as a defense. This team is in a tailspin.
  9. Arizona- Saturday proved how badly this team needs Anu Solomon back at quarterback. The two quarterbacks who played Saturday had 73 and 72 yards passing. This team has some good pieces but need Solomon to elevate the rest of the roster if they are going to compete in the conference.
  10. Oregon State- At the bottom again but hey, maybe they pull a Washington Sate and beat Cal this week.