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The Colts got Lucky and are now they are blowing it

Looking at a former Cardinal turned pro and how he is being abused

Stanford v USC Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Coming into the league in 2012, Andrew Luck was supposed to be the savior out of Stanford for the 2-14 Indianapolis Colts. Unlike a lot of top five picks, he did more than just help out the franchise. He has brought them to playoffs, led them to multiple winning seasons, made them relevant. And how have they repaid him? Every year they have a thinner defense and a more depleted offensive line.

In his time with the Colts the best ranking they have received is 15, according to ProFootballFocus. Every year Andrew Luck has been in the league, his line has delivered him over 100 quarterback hits. He endured a 41 sack season and has taken 130 over his short career. In his fourth year they are starting three rookies on the offensive line which will be the second time they are trying to rebuild this line.

Yet continually his franchise drafts and acquires through free agency, running backs and wide receivers. When they go for defensive players, they grab the likes of Antonio Cromartie, an older player who they pay a lot although he is already out of his prime. The Colts hit the jackpot at quarterback, for the second time in a row, and now they are not only wasting his prime years, but also destroying him physically.

This last Sunday was no exception, as the Colts dropped a game to the Jaguars in London by a 30-27 score. He took six sacks and faced constant pressure while his defense gave up 17 points in the first half. Blake Bortles has thrown three touchdown passes in the first quarter before this year, the Colts let up a passing touchdown and a rushing touchdown to a quarterback who has been consistently bad in the first half of football games. They gave up early leads to Detroit, Jacksonville and Denver. Luck needs a front office that can draft and a coaching staff that can play more of an up tempo offense that takes advantage of their quick receivers and helps fight their bad offensive line. If they do not turn around things quick they could really damage Andrew Luck’s career long term.

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