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Can Stanford still make the 2016 CFB Playoff?

Yes, but they have a long, challenging road ahead and they’ll need some help.

Stanford v Washington Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Stanford still has a chance at making this year’s playoff, but it is slim. With already one loss, Stanford needs to win their remaining games to give themselves a chance at making the playoff and even that might not be enough. At this point, Stanford does not control their own destiny. Stanford has two ways of making the playoff, and here’s how it can happen.

Washington needs to lose and then lose again. With the exception of Oregon State and Arizona State, Washington could get beat by anybody remaining on their schedule. The Oregon Ducks aren’t very good, but with a high powered offense, the Ducks could shock the Huskies. Plus, it’s a rivalry game that Oregon has dominated the last ten years. Washington also will face Cal and Washington State, whose teams rely on a high powered offense as well. Like Oregon, Washington State could surprise the nation because of their strong offenses.

Lastly, Utah and USC are well rounded and solid teams. Utah has played their way into the top twenty five, and USC is much better now than earlier in the year. Sam Darnold now starts at quarterback for the Trojans, and the offense has become much more efficient. Realistically, Washington has the best chance to lose to Oregon and Utah but could be upset by three other teams as well. If Washington does lose two games, Stanford will lead the north and have an opportunity to win the PAC 12, and a one loss PAC 12 champ should get a playoff bid.

The second scenario is more unlikely. Washington needs to win out, and the rest of the nation needs to lose left and right. If the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, and SEC all have two loss champions, a one loss Stanford team should get in. But what are the odds that happens? Very rarely do conference champions have multiple losses, but it is possible. The PAC-12 having two playoff teams is slim and near impossible.

All Stanford fans need to root against Washington. It’s really the only way to make the playoff. If Washington loses twice, Stanford can’t drop the ball and lose another game. However, Washington is a very good team and they’ll most likely go undefeated, but anything is possible in college football. Go Oregon. Go Utah. Go USC. Heck, go Cal. Washington is our biggest enemy right now.

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