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Stanford vs. Washington State Preview with Mark Rogers TV

We spoke with Mark Rogers TV about the Cardinal and the Cougars

Stanford v Washington Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

We spoke with Mark Rogers TV to discuss Stanford football. For more great college football videos subscribe to Mark Rogers TV on YouTube.

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From: “FANPOST: Will Stanford Bounce Back: History says, 'Yes'.’

“In 1990, Stanford was finally turning things around and finding some success behind players like Jason Palumbis, Ron George, Dave Garnett, Tom Williams, Glyn Milburn, Chris Walsh, Chris Dalman, Darrien Gordon and John Hopkins (to name more than a few). The 1991 season began with high hopes and a very brutal, front-loaded schedule to kick things off.

It was after a rough start out of the gates, combined with an injury to starting quarterback Jason Palumbis, that all eyes turned to an unknown, unproven young QB named Steve Stenstrom.

As hopeful a prospect as the new quarterback was, the team started 1-3. Try to imagine that kind of record in these successful days, and the panic it may cause. Back then, all seemed lost, but Denny Green knew otherwise.”