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Stanford’s offense continues to struggle in the 1st half.

Who will step up for the Cardinal?

NCAA Football: Washington State at Stanford
McCaffrey looking for the endzone
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinal offense continues to struggle after being outscored 58-9 in the last 6 quarters. Christian McCaffrey is the focal point for the offense but when he touches the ball the Cougars defense is swarming to him. The Cardinal must find a way to create offense in the 2nd half in order to have a chance to win. The Cardinal have not had the answers in 6 quarters and with a decimated defense which is scary.

Key takeaways going to the 2nd half.

  1. Someone other than McCaffrey has step up
  2. Stick with the run game
  3. Open up the offensive play book

The Washington State Huskies have big momentum on there side. The Cougars are on the road with an 11 point lead in a tough environment. The Cougars must continue containing Christian McCaffrey in order to maintain their lead and win the game. The Washington State Huskies must continue to be aggressive on offense knowing the Cardinal have a banged up defense and are struggling on offense.