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For the First Time since the Rose Bowl, Stanford Scores 30+ at the Half

Keller Chryst makes a beautiful touchdown pass to Michael Rector

Harry How/Getty Images

Stanford's offense is firing on all cylinders. Keller Chryst could only average 3.5 yards/pass attempt in each of his first two starts, but is averaging 10.4 yards/pass attempt in the game against Oregon. Prior to this game, Stanford was one of seven FBS teams never to get a 60-yard play for a touchdown; they did it twice against Oregon in the first quarter alone.

And now Chryst delivered a beautiful touchdown pass to Michael Rector, hitting a narrow window where only Rector could catch it while also staying in bounds:

Michael Rector has now made receptions in 18 consecutive games, and Stanford put up 30+ at the half for the first time since the Rose Bowl.