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PAC-12 Rankings after week 12

Second to last power rankings for the PAC-12

NCAA Football: Stanford at California Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Washington- The Huskies have to win the conference and even then other teams will need to drop out of the top four. On the upside they will get a chance at the conference title and the Rose Bowl. They need to show up big for their game against in-state rival, Washington State this weekend.
  2. Colorado- What a great game for the Buffaloes as they out shot Luke Falk in a 38-24 win. If they can get passed Utah next week they will be headed off for the conference title game. They could also head to the Alamo Bowl to face a Big 12 team.
  3. USC- This new Trojan team has been lights out and would be a top four team if they could have figured the roster out a little sooner. This team has been rolling since week five and unless they get lucky will be in the Holiday or Foster Farms bowl which should make for a great game against a Big 10 team.
  4. Stanford- How much would you give to see a healthy Christian McCaffrey and secondary with Keller Chryst at the helm take on Washington, or Washington State? I would put up quite a sum, as I believe they take at least one win from that stretch. This team has played some phenomenal football as of late. They could be in a Bowl like Foster Farms or the Sun. Or as Charlie Foy pointed out in the article that you should all read - Stanford Could Actually Still Make the Rose Bowl, they could be in for some really big bowl games. Like USC they have made quite the turnaround.
  5. Washington State- Despite losing to Colorado, this weekend’s game against the Huskies is one of the top PAC-12 games of the year. For the Cougars, a win still takes them to the Pac-12 Conference Championship game against Either Colorado or USC. Either way, as impressive as the Cougars have been this year they have dropped winnable games. This team is one that could have easily run the table thus far but have managed to instead find three losses. If Falk stays, look for them to learn from the mistakes of this season next year.
  6. Utah- What a disturbing loss to the Ducks. After beating USC and keeping Washington on the ropes, losing to the Ducks is not only confusing but crippling to their conference bid. On top of that the Colorado win over WSU put them away. This team will have to settle for whatever bowl games are left to pick up at the end of the season.
  7. California- Cal looked really impressive as they kept up with Stanford for most of the game and refused to shrink in the face of a solid defense that shut down their running game and kept them unbalanced. Davis Webb and Jabrill Peppers are my favorite Heisman candidates despite the fact that Lamar Jackson will probably win. The Heisman should go to the player that has the biggest impact on his teams success along with impressive stats. Webb has been invaluable to the team and has compiled 3,994 yards and 35 touchdowns through the air.
  8. Oregon- They are a pretty terrible defensive team but somehow with an offense that will not quit and some hopes and prayers, knocked off Utah. Yes, it was a 30-28 squeaker of a game but this was a game the Ducks had no business winning and now have spoiled a solid season for Utah by getting them out of the conference championship game.
  9. Arizona State- They continued their slide as the Huskies squashed the Sun Devils 48-18. At least their season ends with Arizona. This will be no Washington vs. Washington State showdown.
  10. UCLA- What was this team supposed to do against the new and improved USC team that has rolled over everyone in their path. Without Josh Rosen their problems are magnified past fixing and will probably end the season with a loss to Cal. Rosen needs to get better for this team to urn things around next season.
  11. Oregon State- They crushed Arizona, winning a game they are supposed to win. Which is more than we can say for Utah. They have a young roster and if they can get a solid quarterback could be on their way up.
  12. Arizona- This team has one last chance for a conference win against ASU next week. Whether they go 1-8 or 0-9 in conference does not really matter as this has been a long season for Wildcat fans and players alike. The season cannot end fast enough for this squad.