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Stanford rumbles to another blowout win

Stanford blasted Rice in a 41-17 route over the weekend, here are some takeaways following the victory.

NCAA Football: Rice at Stanford Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Stanford finishes the season with a five game winning streak and will end in the top five or three teams in the conference. For a down year, the Cardinal will take a 9-3 record with the chance to play in the Holiday Bowl or Alamo Bowl.

In this game, Stanford really dominated the line of scrimmage again, as the defensive line had three sacks, six tackles for loss and seven quarterback hurries. The offensive line helped the team rush for 373 yards and three touchdowns on the day, along with two running backs going for over 100 yards.

Keller Chryst was 11 for 16 passing on the day with 154 yards and two touchdowns. The Stanford secondary on had nine passes defended on the day. Going into the half, the Cardinal led 20-3. They then went on a rampage in the third quarter, scoring 21 points and putting away a game that was already over.

Every part of the team preformed admirably in a game Stanford was supposed to do work. They came in and took car of business, which is not something that could be said seven weeks ago. Since it was a a fairly easy game for Stanford, let us delve into something near and dear to all of us: The chances of Christian McCaffrey winning the Heisman.

Against Washington and Washington State, he had a combined 81 yards, looked hurt, and eventually went out because of injury for the Notre Dame game. At the time it looked like he had no shot at being in the Heisman conversation. However, over the last five weeks he has rushed for 991 yards and 10 touchdowns. On the year he has 1,603 yards and 13 touchdowns. Add in his 310 receiving yards with three touchdowns through the air, along with 414 return yards and now he is looking like more of a candidate.

While he ranks 7th in rushing yards in the country, only two of those backs have close to his receiving numbers and none have anywhere near his return yardage. If you go by total yards, as opposed to straight rushing yards, then no one is better than his 2,327 total yards and 13 touchdowns.

As with the MVP, the Heisman should not go to just the best player on the best team or the player with monster stats in one category or another. It should go to the player that makes the whole machine work, that is the glue for the team. Then factor in the stats and the team around the player. McCaffrey is the Jenga piece that is the key to the successful turnaround on offense. He should at least be in the running.

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